Superloop transforms its finance function with the help of Wiise

As a business grows, so does its appetite for smarter tech. But switching to a better solution isn’t necessarily an expensive alternative – on the contrary, investing in the right tools and software allows businesses to save time and money. And in the hands of the right team, the implementation doesn’t have to be complicated or involve extended downtime, as the team at Superloop discovered recently.

A bit about Superloop

Superloop is a leading provider of connectivity services for homes, businesses, and wholesale across the Asia Pacific region. They own and operate over 894 kms of carrier-grade metropolitan fibre networks in Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong and connect more than 390 of the region's key data centres and commercial buildings. 

Experiencing growing levels of complexity

Following a string of acquisitions in recent years, Superloop had accumulated as many as 21 entities across 3 different accounting packages. Aware of the complexities of working with 10 different finance and purchasing systems and more than 30 unique bank accounts, Superloop approached KPMG to help and chose Wiise – a cloud-based ERP – to help consolidate parts of their business.

Streamlining operations by consolidating more than 20 entities

For multi-entity organisations with several moving parts, being able to see the complete picture is critical. Using Wiise, Superloop were able to consolidate 21 different companies into just five, allowing them to significantly reduce the time that would otherwise be spent communicating between the many companies.

The team at Superloop say that having a centralised repository like Wiise has enabled them to drill down on the required information more diligently, while the end-to-end view of their rapidly growing business has helped them manage their cash flow better.

Time spent on reporting down from 2 weeks to just 4 days

Working with multiple accounting systems mean that finance teams end up spending days re-keying information across instances. Superloop have benefitted from Wiise features such as bank reconciliation and fixed asset register and have successfully shrunk their financial reporting timeframes from two weeks to just four days – which is a real testament to the product’s out of the box functionality.

How Wiise is helping Superloop do better business

Four months after going live, Superloop say their business is operating much more efficiently –a benefit they’ve been able to pass on to their customers by reducing prices on some of their offerings.  Here are more ways Wiise has had a positive impact on Superloop.

  • Saving up to 80 hours of work preparing financial reports
  • Incremental functionality with the fixed asset register within Wiise
  • Flexibility to modify templates and customise reports without assistance from vendors
  • Out of the box integration with the entire Microsoft Office 365 suite
  • Custom integration with accounts payable automation solution Exflow

KPMG implements Wiise in record time

One of the requirements for Superloop had always been the 3-month turnaround. KPMG – a trusted Wiise partner – and its team of experienced consultants not only implemented Wiise, but consolidated Superloop’s 21 companies into just 5 and integrated Exflow within the agreed timeline.

But that didn’t mean it was all work and no play. The KPMG implementation team and Superloop worked closely throughout the remote implementation process and a constant at these virtual catch-ups were the striking Wiise t-shirts, which had become bit of a talking point between the two teams. So, when the teams finally met in person at the end of lockdown, it was only fitting that they swapped t-shirts to celebrate the incredible accomplishment.

If the Superloop story tells us one thing, it’s that the right ERP software can mean the difference between a business that sets itself up for success and a business that does not. In the words of Superloop CFO Lidia Valenzuela ‘constant continuous improvement’ is the way forward for their organisation and Wiise is designed to support exactly that ethos.

Whether a business is looking to streamline their day-to-day or transform operations entirely, let Wiise connect your people, processes and data so real-time insights can guide better business decisions.





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