Why Wiise was the way ahead for Business SA

With their server-based system becoming increasingly inefficient and expensive to maintain, the leaders at Business SA realised they needed to implement a more modern solution urgently. 

Before Wiise

Held back by the limitations of outdated tech 

Using outdated systems that were slow to load made basic, everyday tasks increasingly time-consuming.  

Limitations with being able to connect financial and operational data made it hard to for teams to be data-driven.

Requiring several isolated servers to run, Business SA's resource-hungry core operating system was proving expensive to maintain.

With Wiise

Empowered to operate without system limits 

With a significant increase in system speed, day-to-day tasks are executed faster and with greater accuracy.

Implementing a fully integrated ERP solution has made it possible to achieve greater operational visibility.

Switching to a single-platform solution, housed in the secure cloud has allowed Business SA to significantly streamline its IT costs.

Paying for an expensive, outdated system with limited functionality  

Relying on a server-based accounting system with limited CRM integration and inadequate reporting functionality presented a number of challenges for Business SA. Slow system speeds meant that even basic, everyday tasks took a lot longer to complete.

Requiring multiple isolated servers to run, Business SA's solution was not only outdated but also resource-intensive.

The management team saw this as an opportunity to replace its core operating system with a new solution that would help them operate more efficiently and become more data-driven. 

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Greater speed, accuracy and deeper insights with a cloud ERP 

  • Increased system speeds allow day-to-day tasks to be carried out faster and with greater accuracy.
  • Real-time visibility over transactions across key functions enables the management to be more responsive to change.
  • Greater certainty around numbers and customer data with customisable reports dimensional tagging and more. 
  • Deeper operational insights with seamless integration between Wiise and their Microsoft-based CRM. 
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Key results for Business SA

Increased efficiency

The increase in system speed since migrating to a cloud-based solution has sped up day-to-day tasks as well as month-end processes.

Greater certainty

Real-time business insights powered by built-in analytics allow Business SA to operate with greater certainty and respond better to change.       

Deeper insights

Bringing together finance, operations, and customer data with a fully-integrated ERP system enables the management team to see insights previously not possible.


“In Wiise, we have a tool we can grow with, expand with, and innovate from.”

Sean Pearce, CFO at Business SA

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