Wiiser features

Better manage sales with a built-in CRM

Manage all your contacts and sales opportunities in one place.

Build better relationships

With one place to manage your customers and opportunities, your sales and operations team will be accessing the same up-to-date information. That's full contact management for all customers, prospects, suppliers and anyone you do business with. 

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Target your sales campaigns

Drive engagement and sales through targeted email campaigns using Wiise CRM. Personalise your email campaigns by areas of interest, update types or events, or boost sales through promoting discounts. 

Wiise product campaigns

Streamline your sales

Make the most of your sales opportunities and see exactly what’s in your sales pipeline. Create sales quotes and follow up in one place. Set budgets and KPIs for your sales reps and track their visits to see where you need more boots on the ground.

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Wiise product sales pipeline

"We can now ingest large slabs of data into Wiise and we don’t have to divvy it up across the team.”

Justin Smart, COO Trilogy Funds

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More Wiise features


Single touch payroll and timesheets.

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Get paid and reconcile quicker.

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A clear picture across your locations.

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Project costing
Project costing

Better projects and job costing planning.

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Hosted locally

In Microsoft's Australian Azure data centres.

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By encryption & multi-factor authentication.

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Against international security standards ISO27017 & ISO27001.

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