Navigating financial complexity with cloud ERP

Find out how switching to Wiise helped this ASIC-regulated non-bank lender go from having no visibility over financial operations to attaining greater financial rigour and compliance.

Before Wiise

Lack of visibility over finances

Manual processes to manage complex financial needs

Managing multiple entities across separate instances

Not enough controls in place or audit trails 

Lack of granular detail in financial reporting

With Wiise

Financial rigour and strengthened compliance

Granular detail in reports with dimensional tagging

Intercompany and consolidation features for complex accounting

Unlimited transaction volumes to keep up with growth

Reduced business risk and greater compliance 

Company restructure places huge strain on finance team

Following a corporate restructure that saw the organisation go from a two-company structure to seven trusts and three companies, the finance team at Trilogy Funds who were already struggling with manual processes came under even more strain. 

While MYOB AccountRight fulfilled their needs at the time, without robust accounting features it was no longer able to support Trilogy's complex financial management needs.

Without the right tools in place, the business did not have visibility of its finances, let alone being able to control it.

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Tightening operations to accelerate growth 

  • With all entities in one place, Trilogy's finance team no longer has to update data in several places or run consolidations or reports manually.
  • Not needing to spend as much time on inter-company transactions and multi-entity accounting has allowed Trilogy to focus on improving revenue operations.
  • Reducing the volume of manual tasks has allowed the organisation to introduce greater rigour into financial management and minimise business risk. 
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The payoff

Simplified processes

Whether it's attaching invoices directly to transactions in Wiise or being able to generate reports with just a few clicks, simplified processes are allowing staff to be a lot more productive.

Data accuracy

With a centralised data repository, team members can create more detailed reports while executives can find real-time information about any area of the business with just a few clicks.

Greater controls

With approval workflows in place, the business now has greater control over the information being entered and stored within the system, reducing risk and making compliance easy.

“Wiise is an enterprise-grade solution that delivered everything we needed. It helped us put in internal controls and better access to information.”

Justin Smart, COO at Trilogy Funds

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