Wiiser features

End-to-end manufacturing management

Seamlessly integrated with your operations, planning, purchasing, sales and forecasting.

Capacity planning with confidence

Set and see the production capacity of each of your resources. See the availability of your machines, equipment and employees to complete a production task so you can manage your production calendar more efficiently. Plan ahead accurately and reduce your costs by seeing what's working and what's not in your production line.

Man in a manufacturing garage

Forecast and plan production accurately

Plan your production line and scheduling down to the detail to account for anticipated purchasing, transfers, and production. See the inventory availability by period, location and bill of materials break-down, so you can make sure you've got what you need to complete production and see the time it takes.

Get a good idea of cost upfront with quote simulation. See exactly when your products will be released for production on the manufacturing floor and finished, so you can review costs and wastage. Wiise helps you calculate demand accurately so you can stay ahead and supply the right quantity of items on time to the right location.

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Manufacturing tool with steel

Know exactly what's in your production orders

Speed up your production process and get on top of your supply by setting up production items down to the detail. Include sub-assemblies and components and multi-level bill of materials so you know what you need to produce finished goods. And make stock to order. See production variance clearly to forecast accurately.

Take control of your production line by setting up specific processes for your items, from cleaning, welding and spraying to finish. Streamline your supply orders by notifying the warehouse to pick components and purchase more goods. 

Wiise product production details

See the true cost of goods

With landed costs, you'll be able to see the total expense of receiving goods, including the purchase price, transportation costs and duties. You'll be able to compare the cost of overseas versus local goods, manage your costs accurately and make the best buying decisions for your business.

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Wiise product item ledger

"We wanted to move away from managing our entire
stock on a spreadsheet."

Amy, ICT & Procurement Manager Pro Seafoods

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Hosted locally

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Against international security standards ISO27017 & ISO27001.

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