Finance your transformation 

Preserve capital and keep momentum by financing your entire ERP transformation project, including Wiise subscription and implementation services, with Microsoft Finance.

Microsoft finance

Why choose Microsoft Finance?

Competitive interest rates

Microsoft Financing payment solutions offer competitive rates determined by market conditions, transaction size, and customer credit status.

Flexible payment plans

 With upfront, annuity, milestone, and deferred payment scenarios you can make payments suited to your unique circumstances.

Simple approval process

Quick turnarounds of between one to five business days on credit approvals, depending on the size of the loan.

Types of payment options

Standardised payments

Consolidate all aspects of your IT project, including software and services, into a single, predictable payment structure – on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or custom basis.

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Ramped payments

Closely match the expense of an IT investment with the benefits realised. Ideal for staged deployments – pay only the planned amount for each year.

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Deferred payments

Defer initial payments for a pre-agreed term and plan your deployment. Pay when your infrastructure is in place and/or your budget becomes available.

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Customised payments

Align tech spend with budget, cash flow, and deployment schedules. Our Financing Desk Managers can help you structure a program to accomplish your IT goals while meeting financial and budget requirements.

Total Solution Financing

Need to invest in new hardware, software, and services, including non-Microsoft products? This covers it all.

Add products and services

Include new software purchases, True-Ups, or additional services in an existing payment solutions agreement through a convenient one-step process, subject to credit approval.

Keep your growth going

Put new technologies within reach and invest in what your business needs to increase productivity:

  • Get fast approval for your entire project
  • Maintain cash flow with predictable payment cycles
  • Preserve capital – to invest in other areas of your business
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Financing FAQs

Where are Microsoft Financing payment solutions available?

Microsoft Financing is available in both Australia and New Zealand regions.

What is the interest rate for Microsoft Financing?

Microsoft Financing payment solutions offer competitive rates to customers. Rates are determined by market conditions, transaction size, and customer credit status. The rate is then fixed for the duration of the agreement for easy budgeting.

Is there a maximum or minimum transaction size?

There is no pre-established maximum or credit limit. You can apply for any amount necessary to finance the entire solution as long as it exceeds the minimum transaction size. Minimum financing amounts vary by country.

Will down payments be required?

There is generally no requirement for down payments.

Can payment solution agreements cover non-Microsoft products and/or IT Services?

Yes, as long as Microsoft software is part of the solution and the 10% minimum Microsoft content requirements are met. Conditions for the inclusion of IT services vary by country and financing provider.

How long will it take for applications to be approved?

After the completed application and associated documents are received, a credit decision will generally be communicated on the same or next business day to the partner servicing the deal. Larger deals often require more time for approval. In any case, partners receive notification regarding the transaction within 24 hours.

Who is eligible for payment solutions?
Any commercial or public sector customer that licenses Microsoft software as part of their IT investment.
What are the general credit approval guidelines?

Financing providers in the Microsoft Financing program use prudent,
industry standard lending terms and procedures. Lending decisions are
made by the financing provider and are based on the creditworthiness of
the customer. Credit terms and industry standards vary by country.

Factors that historically have benefited credit approval:

  • Report profitable operations
  • Are well established in their industry and have been in business at
    least two years
  • Have a good payment history as reported by outside credit bureaux
  • Have a transaction size that is comparable to the overall capacity of
    their business size
  • Have no history of bankruptcies and/or unfavourable judgements
  • Have a positive net worth

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