Why upgrading from legacy tech became a priority for NAATI

With their accounting software stretched to its limits, the management at NAATI knew they needed a more efficient way to manage finance and operations.

Before Wiise

Legacy technology and complex APIs

Using small-business accounting software in conjunction with a bespoke application to manage operations. 

Relying on a technology stack that required complex API integrations to function well.

Pushing accounts receivable and accounts payable invoices into its finance software required.

Limitations of their accounting software and slow system performance put immense pressure on the finance department.

With Wiise

Right-sizing a finance system for demand

Significantly faster system performance with the same cloud-powered solution managing both accounting and operations.

Completely automating accounts payable and accounts receivables is saving the finance team time and effort. 

Not having API limits or complex interfacing systems has allowed NAATI to reduce resourcing costs.  

Processing large order volumes with ease and efficiency without worrying about hitting transaction limits.

A finance system stretched to its limits

Using small business accounting software in conjunction with a bespoke application to manage operations including customer service, exam bookings, invoicing and its payment gateway meant that NAATI's technology stack was complex and relied on API integrations to work well.

This connection required 1,800 API calls per day, but the management team anticipated this figure to reach 4,000 API calls per day. With their business solution unable to keep up with the organisation's complex needs and pressure on the finance team increasing, upgrading from legacy technology became an urgent need for NAATI. 

Woman speaking to team

Faster system performance and improved productivity 

  • Within two days of implementation, NAATI had processed over 200 orders with minimal error.
  • NAATI reports significantly faster system performance, improved productivity for teams, and reduced resource costs.
  • Interactive data visualisation powered by Microsoft Power BI has enabled NAATI to leverage enhanced data analytics for more informed decision-making.
  • With built-in features in Wiise, NAATI's finance department has been able to adopt the very latest in best-practice processes.
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Key results for NAATI

Faster system performance

With unlimited transactions, NAATI is easily processing large numbers of orders easily and reports a significant increase in system performance.

Better decision-making

NAATI is making the most of enhanced data analytics for decision-making by enabling interactive data visualisation in Microsoft PowerBI.

Best-practice processes

Accounting and financial management features in Wiise have enabled the finance team to adopt the latest best-practice processes without customisations.

“Quick dashboards and PowerBI have allowed us to enhance our reporting capabilities.”

Ashwini Shankar, Financial Controller at NAATI

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