Handling a 400% growth to the customer base

Find out how managing sales, inventory, and customers in one hub allowed this South Australia-based seafood supplier to get better visibility over operations and grow its customer base exponentially.

Before Wiise

Using accounting software for operations 

Maintaining operational data on spreadsheets 

Lack of clarity over profitable product lines 

Data entry errors impacting costing and inventory management

Missing orders and no visibility over deliveries

With Wiise

Accounting, operations, and more in one solution

Streamlined processes and improved overall efficiency

Getting costs right with landed costing in Wiise

Real-time insights into selling patterns and forecasts

Orders, customers, and inventory in the same system


An urgent need to better manage orders, inventory, and customers

Pro Seafoods works with domestic and international producers to supply and market seafood products to retailers and wholesalers across Australia.

Without the right systems and processes in place, adding new product lines, or keeping up with rapidly growing demand for that matter proved a challenge.

The management teams at Pro Seafoods knew they needed a  better way to manage their supply chain, inventory, and customers or risk missing out on the growth opportunities in front of them.

Fish market stalls

Finding a cloud ERP system that ticks all the boxes

  • Greater confidence in adding more product lines with better visibility over the supply chain.
  • Unlimited transactions enable the business to easily service its growing customer base. 
  • Landed costing allows teams to calculate the real cost of inventory with ease and accuracy and in a fraction of the time.
  • Native Microsoft integration made transitioning to a new cloud ERP feel easier
Large pile of fish

Managing operations more effectively

Processes made easy

Managing seasonal product lines easily with real-time insights into selling patterns and forecasts.

Greater control over costs

Using landed costs to calculate the real cost of imported goods with greater ease and accuracy.  

Better customer service

No missed orders and better customer service with access to up-to-date information all in the one hub.

“Processing a sale used to take an hour. It now takes 15 minutes.”

Amy Turner, COO Pro Seafoods

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