Nearly double the orders with half the staff

How Terra Mater Floors achieved 82% increase in sales orders and transfers and cut manual data entry, with automated order processing.


Increase in sales orders and transfers


Decrease in operations staff resourcing


Faster order fulfilment turnaround

“60% of our orders need a 24-hour turnaround. Previously, we could just about manage 72 hours and would lose out on sales. With Wiise, we can meet that 24-hour turnaround.”

David Temby, Operations Manager at Terra Mater Floors

Before Wiise

No inventory management left staff guessing and ‘buffering’ stock to ensure big orders could be met.

Impossible to track stock across three different warehouses or track true costs.

Manual processes and data entry led to slow order turnarounds, resulting in frustrated customers and lost sales.

With Wiise

Sales teams can see exactly what’s in stock, offering customers last minute deals on the fly.

Halved data entry workload, redeploying 3 staff to strategic roles.

Operations team can see exact stock allocation by container, state and warehouse using Wiise Item Availability by Event planner.

The problem

MYOB had very quickly become a problem for Terra Mater Floors. For a company that trades entirely in stock, staff were already struggling to manage inventory at the most basic level, unable to see which products were in stock or meet traceability requirements for its real timber products – posing a real risk to the company. 

Processing orders in MYOB was slow – so slow, that average fulfilment timeframes had blown out from 24 to 72 hours, resulting in the company disappointing its customers or missing out on big last-minute deals altogether. Terra Mater Floors had resulted to hiring more and more data entry staff to try to minimise bottlenecks, but the delays – and error rates – had continued to worsen.

Living Room with Terra Mater Magnolia floors

The solution

With Wiise ERP, David and his team have been able to create an entire roadmap of process management improvements, transforming every aspect of the business – from customer service to profitability and employee development:

  • Always-accurate inventory: Terra Mater teams can see the exact location and quantities of future and current stock, minimising unsold stock or customer shortages. Additional detail, such as manufacturing defects, limited or custom stock, arms field sales teams with the information they need to sell more.  
  • Automated order processing: The ability to work with multiple units of measure across different documents – has transformed turnaround times. The company can now fulfil customer requests within 24 hours – resulting in a 82% growth in orders, 78% increase in shipments and positive feedback in customer surveys.
  • Intelligent forecasting: With capital management, cashflow worksheets and geo-budgeting – Wiise has enabled the finance team to buy and sell stock more accurately, increasing profitability and eliminating wasted stock.  
Living Room with Terra Mater WildOak floors

The payoff

Data-driven sales

Combined insights from Power BI and Wiise reporting has armed sales reps with accurate stock data and predictions, enabling them to shift more stock and grow the business.

Smarter not harder

As the business continues to eliminate manual and paper-based processes, staff can focus on strategic tasks, including managing cashflow and profitability.

Future-proofed growth

With a modern, flexible, and AI-powered cloud ERP, Terra Mater now has a system that can grow with their business - having already opened more offices and warehouses.

There’s been a massive increase in accuracy. To give good customer service, we have to be able to provide our customers exactly what they want when they want it.

David Temby, Operations Manager at Terra Mater

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