Share your product idea

At Wiise, we value and encourage the ideas that come from our community. This is what makes our product game-changing for our customers. Our team gathers feedback throughout the product cycle and it truly helps make Wiise a better product for our customers.

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Shape future releases

The ideas lifecycle

Share your idea

Share your feature idea on how we can help your business or how you think we can improve our product.

Review and prioritise

We'll sort through the ideas and prioritise those that are most impactful for our customers.

Develop and release

We'll bring selected ideas into development and you'll see them in future releases.

Share your product idea

Got a great idea for time-saving in your business? Have a suggestion on how we can improve our product? 

Share your idea and let us know.

What's new for Wiise?

Find out what's new and what's coming next for Wiise.