How Fresh Frontier gained 4.5 hours a day with instant order processing

How Fresh Frontier achieved faster food processing times, with Wiise ERP.

Meet Michael

Michael has worked in food distribution since he was 15 and started his business, Fresh Frontier, with a simple goal – to offer the freshest local ingredients and food products.

Fast-forward 10 years and the successful, family-run business was frantically trying to keep up with each morning’s orders. Staff would often (literally) run between the front office and picking floor with paper documents, errors were common and understanding margins almost impossible.

Michael Leen

Before Wiise

Entering order data would take several hours, meaning production didn’t start til 11.30am.

Multiple data sets were stored in multiple systems, with no way to keep track or connect.

Staff were employed solely to perform data entry.

No way to view key performance data or product lifecycles, such as inventory pricing and final product margins.

Staff would regularly waste time running between the front office and the warehouse, trying to troubleshoot order discrepancies.

With Wiise

Order information is in the system immediately, and production starts at 7am.

One system and one single source of data, minimising errors.

Order data input is automated, freeing-up staff to work in other areas of the business.

At-a-glance view of business performance data, better purchasing decisions and product traceability.

Happier, more productive staff – able to access everything they need in one place.

“If I sell a tub of potato salad today, how much does it cost me to make and how much am I selling it for on a daily basis? With Wiise, we can now answer those questions easily.”

Michael Leen, Managing Director at Fresh Frontier

The problem: Manual data entry, slow production and lost orders

Fresh Frontier’s biggest challenge was its data – Managing orders on paper meant they had no ability to manage and track performance. While frustrating in most sectors, being unable to identify essential production information posed a huge compliance risk for the food manufacturing business.

An image of man in a warehouse with a bucket of green vegetables

“If we made a tub of salad, there were eight areas where we could potentially make a mistake”, explains Michael. “We could get the order wrong, enter it wrong, send the wrong piece of paper – which meant if any discrepancies occurred, we had no idea why or even where to look”.

With no way to add orders to its system automatically, the business relied on manual data entry. Inputting orders would take up to 3 hours a day, slowing its production times – and hindering the business’s fresh food promise.

An image of shelves of fruits such as oranges and apples

The solution

  • Automation: Automated order processing means orders are inputted into Wiise ERP within minutes, not hours – eliminating errors, kicking-off meal production 4.5 hours earlier and freeing-up office staff to manage customer enquiries. 
  • Easy to use interface: User-friendly interface with consistent navigation, customisation options to tailor functionality to specific needs; and ability to hide unnecessary fields for faster task completion.
  • Integration with Microsoft 365: Benefited from being within the Microsoft ecosystem for workflow enhancement, and leveraged Power Automate and AI Builder for time-saving benefits.
  • Increased security of data: Transitioned from on-premise to Microsoft Azure, providing a more secure hosting solution.
An image of shelves of vegetables such as broccoli and lettuce

The payoff

Order automation

Replaced reliance on paper, spreadsheets and disconnected systems with one, integrated, centralised system. Ability to make corrections on the run because it's all synced in the same system.


Employees can now see their work processes from the beginning to the end. They also experience the benefits of time-saving measures, resulting in improved efficiency overall.

Speed of data

With a significant volume of inventory and a constant flow of food products, Fresh Frontier now can enjoy the benefits of accurate tracking, forecasting, and efficient utilisation of inventory resources.

“Wiise gives us a significant edge over competitors in the industry. We can give clients what they want, the information they need, and efficient ordering platforms.”

Michael Leen, Managing Director at Fresh Frontier

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