Wiiser features

Better service management

Manage servicing and technical work more efficiently from start to finish.

Wiise product service management dashboard Wiise product service management dashboard
Wiise product service management dashboard Wiise product service management dashboard

Upgrade your service management

Wiise gives you the full picture of your service delivery process from start to finish. From scheduling the right resources on the right jobs, to automated billing, to resources and service task tracking, Wiise can help.

Customer service team overhead

Get service updates from the field

With mobile connectivity, your service technicians can stay on top of admin so you've got the insights you need.

While they're still in the field, technicians can record results, create invoices, provide quotes or estimates, send receipts and offer refunds. 

Mechanic updating tablet
Wiise product service orders

Understand the detail to deliver great service

Wiise includes fault diagnosis codes and serviceable items by location and requirements so you can check what's needed before sending a technician.

You can also set up service contracts with special criteria, parts and labour, and track warranties so you meet your customer's expectations.

Wiise product service item card

Keep your customers on track 

Managing and tracking service delivery isn't always easy. But Wiise can keep you on track through the little things that make a big difference.

Keep your customers in the loop with real-time service updates, provide loaner equipment or offer discounts. Set up personalised Q&As for support calls so you can easily turn requests into orders. Wiise service management makes it easy for you to give your customers a better service experience.

Racers on a track

"We can now ingest large slabs of data into Wiise and we don’t have to divvy it up across the team.”

Justin Smart, COO Trilogy Funds

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Project costing
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Hosted locally

In Microsoft's Australian Azure data centres.

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By encryption & multi-factor authentication.

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Against international security standards ISO27017 & ISO27001.

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