Roadmap & releases

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Q2 FY24

The following releases are scheduled for Q2 FY24:

  • Wiise Warehouse OnTime warehouse:
    • Shipping
    • Receiving
    • Item tracking
  • Major platform upgrade to Business Central 2023 Wave 2
  • Wiise New Zealand


We're always building on our product to make sure our customers can benefit from the latest in cloud ERPs. In addition to major Dynamics 365 Business Central platform upgrades, we also continuously release new Wiise features. Here are our releases to date.

What's new to Wiise? Release date  Release notes

Wiise Warehouse OnTime 1.1

Item tracking
Enter quantities using the keypad
When completing a stocktake, the data and time will be recorded
Scan items from the pick item list

Oct 23  Wiise OnTime release 1.1

Wiise Warehouse Ontime
Brand new mobile warehousing app for Android and iOS.
OnTime allows staff to scan and manage inventory picks, put-aways, stock-take and adjustments.
OnTime includes a user-friendly interface, barcode scanning, real-time updates, change bins, split a line item, priority status calculation and warehouse location switching.

Aug 23 Wiise OnTime release notes

Wiise mobile warehousing beta

Jun 23  

Improved Payroll Enhancements
New Employer Contribution Type for Payroll
Updates to Bank Statement reports
Changes to Financial Reports
Variant codes can now be set to mandatory
New freedom and flexibility to your workspace
New easy way to switch companies
Navigation menu has been retired
New Wiise Shopify Connector variant creator
The new Modern Action Bar

Feb 23 More on the February release
Wiise Purchase Requisitions
New subcategories added under Accounts
Improvements to Assisted Setup wizard
Oct 22 More on the October release
Platform upgrade to BC v20.2
Improved Outlook add-in
Demand forecast by item variant
Default dimensions for locations
Aug 22 More on the August release
Platform upgrade to BC v19.3 platform (2021 release wave 2)
New Chargebee integration
Option to automatically update timesheets that match the roster in Wiise Payroll
Mar 22 More on the March release
Upgrade to Business Central v19.1 platform (2021 release wave 2)
Wiise Payroll: synchronisation updates with Wiise.
New features included in Wiise NFP licences
Jan 22 More on the January release
Improvements to the Shopify connector
Flexibility to choose how prices appear
Map items using SKUs
Oct 21 More on the October release
Upgrade to BC v18.5
Employer liability lines added to G/L account set up
Record expenses at the job level
Sep 21 More on the September release
New Wiise x Shopify connector
Improvements to the Wiise reporting pack
Comment feature in Wiise Timesheets
Aug 21 More on the August release
Upgrade to BC v18.1
Enhanced email capabilities
Jul 21 More on the July release
Upgrade to BC v17.5
Wiise x expensemanager integration
Improvements to bank reconciliation
Mar 21 More on the March release
Upgrade to BC v17.3
Additional fields on Purchase Orders and Sales Document reports
Payroll: Deduction Categories for simple G/L account mapping
Feb 21 More on the February release
Upgrade to BC v17.1
Landed costs budgeting
Dec 20 More on the December release
Shopify integration
New Wiise Job Register report 
BPAY Multiple Biller Code/CRN profiles for a single vendor
Oct 20 More on the October release
Upgrade to BC v16.5 
Direct debit feature
Additional fields on the Sales Documents pages
Changes to banking panel
Additional fields: job​s currency, currency factor, values
Option to enter a future date when you generate an EFT ABA file
Sep 20 More on the September release
BPAY feature
New Income Statement by Period (Landscape) report
New Income Statement by Period with Budget report
New Balance Sheet by Period with Budget (Portrait) report
Show opposite sign 
Additional 20 new fields on the Sales Quote report
Additional fields on Sales Order Confirmation report
Additional fields on the Sales Invoice report
Aug 20 More on the August release
Upgrade to BC v16.2
New Vendor Pre-payment report
New Payment Remittance report
Jul 20 More on the July release
Square point of sale (POS) integration
Wiise Reporting Pack: 10 drill down reports
Ability to add third party report: PTE
Work Description field in Timesheet Archives
UDF fields available in sales/purchase documents (user definable fields)
GST amount field added to Sales Invoice and Sales Order report
SISS bank feed job queues 
Allow bank feed import in sandbox
SISS Execution Date field in Bank Feed Entries page
May 20 More on the May release
Bank feed upgrade: reconciliation frequency 
Extra Customer Statement style: Open item
Option to calculate month-end leave accrual
Wiise Timesheet duplication check
Wiise Timesheets for non-payroll resources
Wiise Timesheets for employees on a fixed contract
Add custom reports such as account schedules to the Reports menu 
Add custom reports to your Favourite Reports
Bulk email
Apr 20 More on the April release
Upgrade to BC v15.4 
View a list of all available standard reports, grouped by category
Favourite a report from the Standard Reports list
Timesheet type and the Primary Pay Category is now imported for employee set up
(timesheet exceptions only)
Employee work types in Payroll for timesheet users
Weekend fields are available in Manager Timesheet
Mar 20 More on the March release
Upgrade to BC v15.3 
Map Payroll locations with dimensions 
Import employees with the same first and last names from Payroll
Show total number of hours of My timesheets on Mobile
Comments field in timesheets
Transaction Detail Report extra fields
User Defined Fields (UDF) availability
Feb 20 More on the February release
Upgrade to BC v15.1 Jan 20 More on the January release
Upgrade to BC v14.5 
Mobile Timesheet improvements
Purchasing Agent Profile 
G/L Source Names hyperlink
Add Job Journal button to the Payroll menu
Add eight dimensions on purchase import using Data Exch. Def.
Import G/L Journals with 8 Dim. into intercompany journals using Data Exch. Def.
Send bank feed data to payment journal reconciliation screen incl. new fields
Option to turn off auto-populate for the work type code for Timesheets
Sort order options on Bank Feed Imports list view
Flash Assisted Setup Wizard changes
GL Budget Report improvement
Extra fields: Ext doc no. for PO Page and personalise option pages
Selection open jobs in timesheets
Oct 19 More on the October release
Upgrade to BC v14.4
Wiise timesheets page integration to Wiise Payroll
Payroll multi-company
Able to enter time by hours by day in timesheets
Allow a user to enter multiple timesheets for resources
Single Touch Payroll: Automate creation of payment journals with payroll journals
Add Rabobank as a supported bank feed
Landed Cost tool tips update
Improve Remittance Advice Email field
Manager Timesheets: new entry point
Employee name on the Timesheet card
Add Search Name and Description 2 for Item Card
Move registered SISS bank accounts between companies in the same tenant
Sales Documents Import with 8 Dimensions using Data Exchange and Incoming Documents
Bank feeds: Display reason message when in problem status
Payroll email to show company details
List pages fields: Amount inc. GST on Sales Invoice and Purchase Invoices
User Permissions to view Profit fields on the sales lines
Sep 19 More on the September release
Upgrade to BC v14.3 
Lite package for Not for Profit (NFP) organisations
Profit margin for each line item in Sales Quote and Invoice
Assign user licence to be moved to MS365 Portal
Aug 19 More on the August release
Upgrade to BC v14.1 
Timesheets data into Wiise Payroll new feature and setup menus
Edit – Send Email forms now default to the values last used
Landed costs updates
Sales order workflow approval menu added
Role Centre tile removals for declutter
Jun 19 More on the June release
UI improvements on Bank Account tiles
Flash Assisted Setup changes 
Bank Account Card screen display Client ID
Vendor creation alert if no ABN
EFT Remittance field sub variables allowed
User defined fields for Dimensions
Apr 19 More on the April release
Upgrade to BC v13.4
User setup: Get Users from Office 365
Bendigo Bank added to SISS
GST Statements creation during Flash assisted setup 
Mar 19 More on the March release
Bank feeds for Australian banks
Click to pay  on customer invoices
Payroll: Single touch ATO  compliant 
Timesheets on mobile phone
Timesheet integration to Projects and Payroll, with approval
Projects/Job costing linking to Receivables and Payables
Landed costs
Different packages and pricing for Lite and NFP
Quick Start Wizard with industry charts of account
EFT and remittance
Document layouts
Pre Mar 19