Wiiser features

Better planning with project and job costing.

Deliver projects and jobs on budget.

Design jobs your way, and deliver to cost.

Whatever your industry or project type, set up jobs your way — fixed price or variable (time and materials). See the full job history, no matter what accounting period it's in. Improve cost accuracy and budget by quoting for individual resources, items or requirements for each section of the job. Track line items end-to-end including billable and non-billable items. Then measure how well you've budgeted to see where you can improve.

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Drive profitability with a clear view of project costs

Wiise gives you line-by-line details of every project and job cost right down to the last detail so you can accurately compare budgets to actuals.

See what hasn't yet been delivered so you can see what costs are owed. By tracking what goods are received against what's been invoiced and your estimated amount at completion, you'll be able to budget better and avoid nasty surprises.

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Wiise product job details

Improve your project performance through tracking

No more grey areas — see the current revenue of ongoing projects with WIP financial statements and reports. Record and monitor the use of materials, resources and all other job expenses as you go. Categorise your projects by status. Then track WIP by percentage of completion, cost of sales and more.

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"We wanted to move away from managing our entire
stock on a spreadsheet."

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Hosted locally

In Microsoft's Australian Azure data centres.

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By encryption & multi-factor authentication.

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Against international security standards ISO27017 & ISO27001.

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