Switching to a cloud ERP to scale up

Find out why this national transport and logistics company had to overhaul its finance system to facilitate further growth.

Before Wiise

Multiple, separately managed entities 

20 systems and 20 separate G/Ls, which often delayed month-end reporting

Manually reconciling accounts without intercompany transactions or

On-prem solution with monthly transaction limits that slowed the business down   


With Wiise

A clear view of finances in one place

All 20 entities in the same system and the ability to see P&Ls across every entity

Spending less time hunting around for data and preparing reports, and more time analysing financial data

Reduction in admin tasks hep finance teams operate with greater efficiency

Disjointed systems and limited functionality

At over 8,000 consignments a day across 20 entities nationally, MYOB AccountRight was struggling to handle the high volume of transactions.

Without intercompany transactions or consolidations, reconciling accounts was an entirely manual process. As was finalising month-end reports, which required P&Ls from each instance of MYOB to be compiled in a spreadsheet before overlaying various data sets from across the business.

It had become clear to the management that their current system was starting to impact the business, which made finding a solution that worked their priority. 

Delivery truck driver looking at papers

Investing in a system that could support their growth   

  • A more granular view of costs and spending across multiple locations with dimensional tagging.
  • Ability to see trends and predict cash flow using system-generated reports and insights.
  • Saving as many as 60 days every year on bi-monthly and monthly reporting.
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The payoff

Streamlined accounting

Being able to manage all 20 entities in the same system has simplified multi-entity accounting and reduced the strain on the finance team.    

Faster reporting

Cutting down the time spent on monthly reports from 5 days down to just two is allowing the team to spend more time analysing data.

Foundation for growth

Implementing a scalable solution has set the business up for growth, allowing them to further streamline procurement and scale its automation.

We used to spend nearly all month on reporting, we’ve slashed that time down by two-thirds.”

Lewis Jackson, CFO at Capital Transport  

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