Wiiser features

A clear view of your warehousing

Get a complete view of your inventory, across all your locations, when you need it.

Manage all your sites, in one place

Manage your inventory no matter where it is. See when items are moved or put away, where they were transported to, and where they are in the delivery cycle. And report on stock by category and location to get the right information when you need it.

From your warehouses to your customers, easily see the location of your inventory at any time.

Two warehouse workers in front of shelves

Keep customers on side with flexible shipments and order tracking

Don't wear the cost of warehousing — ship direct to your customer from suppliers with drop shipment. And include multiple ship-to locations against each customer so you get the order to the right place every time.

See exactly where all your shipments are in real-time so you can keep your customers up to date.

Shipping containers at dock

Stock management that works you

Manage stock more efficiently with customised processing, warehouse shipments, goods handling and multiple locations.

Your processes can be as simple or complex as you need, from bin location only to put aways, specific classes, or zoning for refrigerated items. Or move goods direct from the receiving dock to the orders dock easily with cross-docking.

Do it all from one place with Wiise's warehouse management system.

Wiise product items list

"Our system calculates replenishment numbers, follows through from sales order to invoice and tracks stock movements.”

Linda, CEO Administration at Taipan

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More Wiise features


Single touch payroll and timesheets.

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Get paid and reconcile quicker.

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A clear picture across your locations.

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Project costing
Project costing

Better projects and job costing planning.

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Hosted locally

In Microsoft's Australian Azure data centres.

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By encryption & multi-factor authentication.

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Against international security standards ISO27017 & ISO27001.

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