Mastering complexity and saving 38+ hours per month

How Peter Stoitse Transport transformed their operations and saved 38+ hrs in month-end reporting.

“With the Wiise reporting dimensions, I can now run a report comparing the profitability of two road trains, based on mileage and litres of diesel. Or I can run one P&L for the whole company. It’s that easy.”

Jessica Sciberras, CFO at Peter Stoitse Transport

Before Wiise

Too many transactions for MYOB AccountRight to handle, resulting in frequent crashing and slow performance.

No way to view reporting by division – meaning one P&L for the whole company.

Struggling to make payroll on time.

Finance running up to two months late on company reporting due to admin loads. 

With Wiise

Saved a week each month on reporting.

Able to see detailed P&L such as on individual vehicles, to improve profit margins.

Staff able to access customer data in Outlook and Teams, through Microsoft 365 integrations.

Faster customer service, with phone and email queries answered in minutes, not hours.

The problem: Paper documents, slow customer service, poor business decisions

Having grown to eight different divisions Peter Stoitse’ operations were under strain.  Producing reports was such a challenge that the company had resorted to one single profit and loss (P&L) report for the whole business. Understanding how each division was performing – and whether they were making a profit on individual jobs – was almost impossible.

Trucks driving left and right with sunset backdrop

Customer queries would spark a series of internal phone calls and checking paper documents against reports in MYOB. Tracking down accurate data was so time-consuming that the business was regularly up to two months behind on reporting, delaying important business decisions.

Calculating how much the transport company’s 150 workers should be paid was made even more difficult. Peter Stoitse pays its drivers weekly – but how much they’re paid can vary depending on the licence they hold and type of vehicle they’re driving, which can also change throughout the day depending on jobs they’re assigned to.

Silver truck in a car park with blue sky and a tank

Why Wiise?

On her fourth day with the company, Jessica was tasked with deciding on whether the company should switch from MYOB to Wiise. It was an easy decision. 

  • A cloud-based ERP, able to grow and scale with increased customer transactions and data.
  • Native integrations to Microsoft 365, displaying Wiise data without having to leave Outlook. 
  • Ability to add reporting dimensions, to cut-and-dice reporting at the click of a button.
Vehicles driving across the Sydney bridge

The solution

  • Dimensional reporting:

Creating reporting ‘dimensions’ in Wiise was one of Jessica’s favourite Wiise features. The first ‘dimension’ consisted of Peter Stoitse’s business divisions, enabling the team to run reports for just its glycol or workshop division – or one report for the entire organisation – by simply selecting from a drop-down box.  

A second dimension, based on fleet registration numbers (road trains, trucks, trailers, utes and cars) means the team can now also run P&Ls on individual vehicles, comparing the profitability of different vehicles based on milage and litres of diesel.

Truck driving in a tunnel with lights

  • A simplified, faster, empowering ERP:

Now when a customer calls, Jessica’s team can look-up their profile and see all the information they need – live, instant and accurate. Most customer queries can now be answered in one call, rather than several hours later. 

Even better, customer emails can be handled directly in Outlook, with Wiise customer data linked to a contact’s email address. Everything from order information, payments and balances can be viewed, with team members able to raise invoices and quotes in Outlook, without even having to jump into Wiise. 

When the company needs to make decisions around how much to charge customers or which suppliers to use, Jessica and her team can create detailed reports instantly, helping the business to make smarter and faster decisions. 
Red truck driving on road

The payoff

Clear profitability

With much greater detail on assets and activities such as fuel consumption based on vehicle types, vehicle registration and drivers, the team can easily see their true costs, and how profitable each job is.

Automated workflows

Invoices, quotes, and approvals have all been streamlined with automated workflows, reducing the time it takes to complete tasks, and cutting reporting times by a week each month.

Faster decision making

With access to detailed data live at their fingertips, the team are able to make decisions today about the performance of the business, improve profitability and stay competitive.

“Previously, there was always a question mark around whether we were making a profit. With Wiise, we know how much each job is actually costing us – we’re making our margins work.”

Jessica Sciberras, CFO at Peter Stoitse Transport

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