Minimising risk and handling growth

Find out how implementing a cloud-based ERP enabled Creating Chances to forecast more accurately and better track their programs, no matter where in NSW they were being delivered.

Before Wiise

Tracking costs and key metrics a challenge

With MYOB Accountright, the fast-growing social enterprise was only able to track cash flow.

Using spreadsheets to capture costs and having to manually update the information in MYOB created limitations around how data could be analysed.

Without a granular view of program costs, meeting ASIC and ATO requirements had become a challenge.

No real way of measuring their performance as an organisation and report back to the Board.

With Wiise

Visibility over costs and better reporting 

With a cloud-based ERP system, the organisation can see its sales and operations data in one place.

Dimensional tagging not only allows the organisation to capture costs right at the source but also see how they're distributed across their programs.

Knowing the exact costs associated with their 100+ programs has made compliance more straightforward.

Microsoft Power BI dashboards allow department heads to showcase their organisational impact more effectively.

Manual processes, lack of granular data increase operational risk

Creating Chances is a youth development organisation that uses sport as a vehicle to develop young people. Within the first year of operations, the social enterprise tripled and then doubled in size. This rapid growth highlighted the limitations of its systems and the issues with its largely manual processes.

It also made it hard for the organisation to keep up with the regulatory requirements for ASIC and the ATO.  This made finding a solution that would bring together sales and operations data a priority for the leadership team.

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Greater operational efficiency and compliance with Wiise

  • Having up-to-date sales, operations, and customer data in the same system allows teams to work more efficiently.
  • Native integration with Microsoft has allowed team members to leverage tools like Power BI for more impactful reporting.
  • Replacing multiple spreadsheets with a centralised database has made compliance less strenuous.
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Key benefits of implementing Wiise

Granular data

A clear view of the exact costs associated with each of their programs, no matter where they are delivered in NSW, with dimensional tagging. 

Impactful reporting

Microsoft Power BI dashboards enable department heads to share the performance of their programs with the Board more effectively.

Reduced risk

Fewer manual processes and a single source of truth for sales and operational data have made meeting ASIC and ATO requirements easier.

“We're managing our sales channels and business opportunities much more effectively.”

Brad McCarroll, GM at Creating Chances

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