Why NAATI prioritised upgrading from legacy tech

Meet the organisation helping Australian translators and interpreters

NAATI is the national standards and certifying authority for language interpreters and translators in Australia. The not-for-profit organisation, jointly owned by the Commonwealth and the state and territory governments, experienced a phase of unprecedented business growth. In fact, demand almost doubled for its services. While this was great for business, it meant that its finance system started to stretch beyond its limits. NAATI needed a new way forward before customers and business outcomes were impacted.

The challenge: Limitations of legacy tech hold back progress 

Before Wiise, NAATI relied on accounting software designed for small businesses in conjunction with a customised application to manage everything from customer service, test bookings, invoicing, and its payment gateway.  

Pushing accounts receivable and accounts payable invoices into its finance system relied on an integration that required around 1,800 API calls per day. And by the company’s own estimates, this figure was set to reach around 4,000 API calls per day. 

In addition, complex interfacing between its finance systems and CRM required an additional 300 calls per minute whereas its current system could only accommodate about 20% of that number. 

It was clear to the management that their existing software was struggling to keep up with their current needs, let alone allow them to grow further. 

In other words, NAATI needed to right-size its system for demand. 

The solution: Moving past legacy tech to continue growing

With a legacy solution at the centre of their technology stack, a complex API environment, and the need for rapid and seamless digital transformation, NAATI needed a technology partner that would invest the time and resources to develop an implementation strategy that factored in their unique IT environment—and reached out to the team at KPMG Australia. 

Built on Microsoft’s trusted Business Central platform and localised to meet Australian banking, tax, and compliance requirements, Wiise was selected as the business solution of choice by the management at NAATI. 

A scalable ERP solution, designed for fast-growing businesses, Wiise had the ability to cater to the transaction volume that NAATI had reached. 

With a strong focus on project management, KPMG designed the solution, oversaw the data migration, and provided user training to ensure that NAATI was successful in transforming its digital capabilities with Wiise.

Key outcomes for NAATI since implementing Wiise

Faster system performance and improved productivity 

Within 2 days of going live with Wiise, NAATI had successfully processed over 200 orders with near-zero errors. Other improvements being reported by the not-for-profit organisation since implementing Wiise:  

  • Significantly faster system performance 
  • Improved productivity for teams 
  • Reduced resourcing costs  
  • The ability to generate large reports easily  
  • Interactive data visualisation with Microsoft PowerBI 
  • Data-driven decision making  

A finance function, transformed 

Another key outcome of the Wiise implementation for NAATI has been the total transformation of its finance function. Thanks to the standard built-in features such as industry-specific Chart of Accounts and bank reconciliation, Wiise has also allowed NAATI to adopt the very latest in best practice processes when it comes to their financial management.    

Going beyond digital transformation with a cloud ERP

While transforming its finance function was the first step to begin delivering a seamless experience to customers, in the grand scheme of things, implementing Wiise has enabled NAATI to turn its focus back on doing what it does best – supporting Australia’s language interpreters and translators to succeed. 

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