7 reasons on-prem users should switch to a cloud ERP

If you’re spending a fortune to maintain your on-premises ERP system, you should think seriously about upgrading to a cloud ERP. Despite what you may believe, implementing a cloud ERP doesn’t have to be hard, take forever and break the bank. The key is finding the right cloud ERP. 

Modern cloud ERPs like Wiise are helping Aussie businesses break free from the limitations of their on-prem systems and enjoy greater flexibility, enterprise-grade security as well as save on costs. Here are seven compelling reasons to upgrade to the cloud.

1. Enjoy zero maintenance costs

The on-prem ERP game is a costly one. Maintaining servers attracts significant ongoing costs as does every major and minor IT request. With no infrastructure to maintain, cloud ERPs reduce your IT costs dramatically. But choosing a fully managed service like Wiise means your ERP vendor looks after upgrades, customisations and hotfixes for you—at no extra cost and without disrupting your business.

2. Equip your business with the latest tech

Without timely updates, legacy ERPs that are no longer supported can force a business to keep doing things the old way. Award-winning cloud ERPs in the market today are leveraging innovations in AI, machine-learning and the Internet of Things (IoT) to give businesses serious competitive advantage. An impressive product roadmap is often a great indicator of the features and integrations an ERP company might be working on.

3. Get 99.5% uptime or more

Because ERPs house your most critical asset, your business data, it’s important to choose an ERP that you can rely on. Wiise is built on a trusted Microsoft platform and is supported by Microsoft’s global team of network engineers, security specialists and solutions architects so you get practically no downtime. In fact, any less than 99.5% uptime and we'll discount your invoice.

4. Benefit from better security and compliance

Maintaining your own server and using multiple systems that don’t talk to each other can leave you vulnerable to security risks. Cloud ERPs synonymous with trust and reliability are ISO certified and audited regularly to ensure they can continue to offer small and rapidly growing businesses the levels of security they would struggle to implement themselves. 

5. An ERP that's Aussie-business friendly

Don’t pay extra to customise your ERP. Invest in one that’s been specially customised for Australian businesses. Our affordable ERP solution comes with features like bank feeds, landed costing and integrations for ecommerce and expense management straight out of the box. Our Single Touch Payroll integration lets your payroll data sync with your accounting system to make pay runs and award interpretations easy.

6. Become an agile and resilient business

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic highlights the fact that digitally enabled businesses are more resilient to sudden economic and geopolitical shocks. Browser-based ERPs let you work anytime, anywhere and on any device without the need for specialist IT intervention. Take your business online, reach new markets or work remotely as soon as you need to with the cloud advantage.

7. Scale without limits

If your on-prem ERP system is starting to feel outdated or isn’t flexible enough to grow with your business, it could be hurting your profitability. And if that isn't a reason to start researching cloud ERP systems for small businesses, what is? Housed in Microsoft Azure data centres, Wiise can handle unlimited transactions, thousands of inventory items and up to 300 users in the system at once, while still giving you room to grow.

Do all this and more with Wiise

Wiise is an award-winning cloud ERP that manages your accounting, payroll, bank feeds, inventory, CRM and more in one place. Designed by KPMG Australia and built on Microsoft Business Central, Wiise helps connect your people, processes and data so real-time insights can drive greater outcomes for your business.

Exclusive offer for Microsoft on-prem ERP customers

Wiise is packed with features like Single Touch Payroll, bank feeds, landed costs, expense management and ecommerce integrations. And there’s never been a better time to upgrade to the cloud. For a limited time, eligible on-prem ERP customers can take advantage of Microsoft’s Bridge to the Cloud promotion and get huge savings when they upgrade to the cloud.