Wiise and Shopify integration is making online sales easy

Wish you could connect the world's largest eCommerce solution with your favourite ERP and accounting system? You got it! Wiise + Shopify integration is here.  Sync your online store info across your systems and get a real-time view of your inventory, orders and cash flow. What’s more you can keep your customers happy and get more of your items out the door – all while cutting back the admin and saving on operational costs.

Helping businesses adapt to a changing world

One of the ways many Aussie business have stayed flexible and continued to reach their customers during the COVID pandemic was to make the fast switch to online sales. The boom in remote working means many of your buyers are now online. So, eCommerce has been a saving grace for businesses adapting to change.

With that in mind, we wanted to make it easier to manage your new ways of working and help you reach your customers easily. With our Shopify Connector, you can seamlessly connect your eCommerce online store or Shopify POS with Wiise. You’ll be able to automate your business's day to day tasks like order fulfilment and invoicing, and easily manage your online sales.

The benefits of Shopify integration with Wiise

Keep your customers happy

Your customers want to see where the orders are, and get the information they need, fast. By connecting your finance and operations software with Shopify, they can get order updates in real-time and see the latest product info. And you can easily see your sales and inventory detail from Wiise. Keep your current customers happy and get in front of new markets too. Offer a great online experience end to end and stay competitive in a challenging market.

Inventory and stock levels are always right

The Wiise + Shopify integration is perfect for both online and retail stores. With better visibility of your sales, you'll be able to sell more, reorder the right stock at the right time, and keep your inventory up to date across both systems. You can also set up reminders for when inventory is low so you can order more stock to meet customer demand.

Cut back human error 

Because your info syncs across Wiise and Shopify automatically, you won’t need to re-add items manually in both systems. Wiise and Shopify are seamlessly connected so there’s no more double entry, reducing the chance of errors as well as saving you heaps of time.

Save on business operating costs

How many of your employees are swamped with admin? With your eCommerce platform connected with your ERP software, you can cut your admin tasks and costs by letting the system do the hard work for you. Replenish and reconcile your inventory easily, manage your Shopify store and more, all from Wiise.

Get real-time reporting on your financials

Running reports for both your online or retail store and your business’s financial system takes up time and money. By connecting Wiise + Shopify, you can get see your cash flow and P/L statement in real-time, giving you a clear picture of your business’s financial health.

Manage everything in one system

If you have multiple online stores, that's no problem. They can all be integrated and managed from Wiise so you can streamline your entire business and get time back for what’s important.

Get in touch with your partner today to set up your Shopify Connector or reach out to us as hello@wiise.com.