Wiise takes finalist spot in Microsoft partner of the year awards

Another year down and another award! We're really proud to be named a finalist for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner of the Year for 2020, for demonstrating outstanding commitment to our customers, our unique solution and impact we have on the market. With a whopping 4,500 partners globally in over 100 countries, being named a finalist means we’re one of top four globally, which a massive feat. 

Since our launch in 2018, we've worked hard to listen and respond to our customers and to address key issues facing small and medium Aussie businesses. Our subscribers grew by over 300% last year, through a focus on product enhancements, enabling and training resellers and tapping into new markets and opportunities. This growth means we're now serving thousands of subscribers and are becoming a leading partner in the global Microsoft ecosystem.

An out of the box solution fit for Australian SMBs

We launched Wiise to give Australia's small and medium businesses access to the same tools and insights available to large corporates. We wanted to level the playing field by offering cloud accounting and ERP software at an affordable subscription price, underpinned by the peace of mind that comes from a product created by KPMG Australia, built on Microsoft and supported by CommBank.

We also wanted to build an active partner network that could offer a solution designed to meet the needs of Australian businesses. But without extensive customisation and implementation costs. 

How we've added value to the SMB market

As the only Cloud ERP with an out-of-the-box system for Australian businesses, we spent the past year focussing on industries where we could add the most value.

In wholesale distribution and manufacturing, we noticed many growing businesses were struggling to manage multiple locations, large transaction volumes and shipping costs. So we developed a landed cost module to enable customers to account for their shipping spend and distribute costs accurately.

Another major product development was the launch of our eCommerce integration with Square POS. With businesses needing to move online quickly, this feature has been critical for many in recent times. Businesses can now easily sync purchases from their website with their inventory.

And in the non-profit space, we've teamed up with Illuminance Solutions to offer AvantCare and Wiise together — one ecosystem for all business processes, finance and operations, providing further efficiencies and savings to NDIS providers.

Bringing together bank feeds and ERP

Not all ERP systems on the market have integrated bank feeds. So businesses are wasting time manually exporting their bank feeds to their finance systems and reconciling transactions individually. After initially integrating bank feeds with Wiise in 2019, we've continued to improve on this feature, giving our customers more flexibility. Our customers can connect multiple bank feeds to Wiise from major Australian banks and reconcile when it works for them.

Reporting Enhancements

Working with limited standard reports that aren’t customised for your business means it’s hard to get the information you need in the right format. We worked closely with our customers to improve the reporting functionality. We added the ability to customise reports, favourite reports, navigate quickly and export straight to Excel. You can check out some of our new reporting functionality here.

Timesheet and payroll integration

Job-based businesses with services or contractors were finding they couldn't account for employee costs within their financial system. And their finance and payroll systems didn't have accurate data for reporting. If customers wanted to integrate their Business Central timesheets with their payroll system it was a big cost.

After launching integrated payroll in 2018 we were eager to continue enhancing Wiise with feature sets that weren't available in standard Business Central. One of our significant enhancements last year was to integrate timesheets and Wiise Payroll.

With Wiise Timesheets, services or job-based businesses can account for employee time seamlessly within Wiise Payroll. And then report to the government through Single Touch Payroll. This saves our customers time and ensures their business stays compliant.

On the road to continued success

As expected, our roadmap continues to evolve. Feedback from our customers and partners and our research on the market helps us stay on track and to enhance Wiise in the best way possible. We've got lots more coming in 2020, including the release of some major features like direct debit, BPAY, Magento/Shopify integration and Wiisdom — an automated dashboard that lets you benchmark financial data against key industry metrics.

The past year has undoubtedly been a whirlwind. But we couldn't be prouder of how far we've come. We look forward to continuing to deliver a superior solution to our customers and help businesses across the country by moving to Wiise.


If you have any questions or want to learn more, don't hesitate to get in touch with me on LinkedIn or email hello@wiise.com.