Wiise wins ABA100 Supply Chain Innovation & ERP Innovation Awards

Wiise recognised as the ABA100 Winner for Supply Chain Innovation & ERP Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2021

We’re extremely excited to announce that we’ve been named winners in not one, but two ABA100 categories at the Australian Business Awards 2021.

To win in the categories of Supply Chain Innovation and ERP Innovation is a testament to the hard work and commitment shown by our teams who work tirelessly to make Wiise even more suited to the Australian market.

We wish to thank The Australian Business Awards for recognising Wiise and our commitment to empowering Australian businesses. Here’s a bit more about each award.

ERP Innovation – all about giving our users more, for less

As technology takes centre stage in an ever changing world, small and medium businesses, or SMBs, in particular are starting to leverage the right tools and systems to adapt, modernise, and scale their operations. One of the challenges we saw in market was that cloud ERP systems for small businesses were always pricey. And often, businesses would not only have to pay a large sum for implementation but would also need to pay for their system to be customised for the Australian market. Think integrated payroll that’s Single Touch Payroll compliant, the right Awards, Australian localised Chart of Accounts, bank feeds, landed costing, BPAY batch functionality and more.

Our goal was to offer Australian businesses a solution customised for the Australian market and with more out-of-the-box features saving our customers time and money and empowering our partner network to help businesses migrate to cloud ERP sooner.

Wiise CEO Charlie Wood says ‘We’re extremely proud to be recognised as the ABA100 Winner for ERP Innovation and Supply Chain Innovation in the Australian Business Awards 2021. Now, more than ever, SMBs in Australia are looking to cloud technologies to centralise business data. And a cloud-based ERP solution helps with doing just that. For many years, ERP software was only associated with large enterprises. We're keen to change that status quo. Wiise is all about making life easier for Australian businesses working with legacy systems and spreadsheets and at risk of outgrowing their accounting solution. Our cloud ERP solution is Australian localised and offers immense business value. We continue to innovate to bring as much functionality into Wiise as possible so businesses can navigate an ever-changing landscape by leveraging the latest in technology. Thanks to our magnificent product and development teams, we’ve been able to help hundreds of businesses across Australia access cloud ERP solution built on a Microsoft platform and designed for the Australian market.’

Supply Chain Innovation – helping Australian supply chain businesses pivot

‘During the volatile time that was the last two years, we wanted to make sure that badly impacted supply chain businesses knew that there was a better alternative to using legacy, on-premise systems and spreadsheets. When these businesses needed to switch to a cloud-based ERP system to continue running their operations as usual or pivot to online selling with eCommerce, we were able to help. For our part, at Wiise, we also quickly pivoted. We developed the right features and integrations so that supply chain businesses across Australia could access a hyper-local cloud ERP solution that offered more functionality, straight out of the box. To be recognised in this category, is to be recognised for helping Australian SMBs become more resilient and for supporting the industry through a crisis.’ concludes Charlie.

From landed costing to managing rising shipping costs; from giving distributors and manufacturers a way to reach new clients with ecommerce to enabling them to get up and running on cloud ERP in a matter of months, our commitment to and focus on supply chains has seen our wholesale distribution customer base grow significantly and manufacturing representing a significant part of our growth story.

Wiise – adding value to 

Our commitment to Australian businesses is this: we'll continue to innovate to ensure that we develop the right tools and features so you can leverage data, insights and have the functionality to run your business as smoothly as possible.

We’ve developed ecommerce and POS integrations, worked with expensemanager to build a Wiise integration that helps businesses manage expenses, and have so much more planned for the year ahead.

What’s on our agenda? Our roadmap is packed with features focused on AI-driven data and analytics, dashboard reporting, features to make warehouse management easier and more. To say the least, we’ll continue to innovate to help Australian businesses get more from technology so they can focus on business, and less on admin and data consolidation. 

You can check out the full list of winners here.