How Wiise is coming clean on the costs and time to implement ERP

There's a big shift underway in how businesses buy products and services. These times of economic uncertainty mean many businesses, whether you’re growing or in survival mode, have a much closer eye on costs. You expect a clear outcome for your buying decision. And transparency is essential.

Digital advances mean you have access to way more information, like case studies, product reviews and pricing, that help you make a purchasing decision. And buying is becoming less about human touch and more digital, with an increase in self-service portals, messenger platforms and eCommerce.

These shifts are a welcome change. The more information you can get upfront, the easier it is to make your buying decisions. And the purchase will be a more positive experience. 

The ERP software landscape is old school

The typical ERP buying journey comes with its challenges.

  • The product is often complex, requiring a lot of research and a thorough understanding of your business needs
  • Many providers have been around for decades. They have old, established sales processes, too ingrained to change
  • Implementations can be costly and complex depending on how willing you are to adapt your processes to meet the software's capabilities, versus developing bespoke extensions to fit the business.

ERP providers aren’t always upfront about the costs and time involved. In short, most ERP buying is at odds with the shift in how businesses buy, so it can be a difficult or unpleasant experience.

Let's cut to the chase

Most ERP providers make their money from selling implementation services. Often that’s because their IT partners need to do a huge amount of costly customisation to make the software suit your needs. And for some it's in their interest to make the buying journey complex and the implementation expensive.

This is fundamentally against our mission at Wiise, which is to give every business the tech, insights and wisdom they need to thrive. We're about democratising technology, which traditionally only large corporates could afford.

So what's different about Wiise?

We want to make the buying journey as clear, straight forward and quick as possible for businesses of all sizes. We want to make moving to Wiise as simple as we can and to enable you to plan and budget more accurately for the implementation.

To do this, we've launched our new fixed setup packages to maximise the transparency around the setup, associated time and costs, and give you a better option when it comes to setting up your ERP software.We're putting the information in your hands with clear information on our website about our features, industry specifics, and relevant case studies. And with our communication platform which lets you live chat or speak with one of our team during business hours or ask our chatbot questions anytime.

You can access our fixed setup packages on an interactive screen on our website. Essentially there are three package options to get your cloud ERP set up, depending on your business needs:

  1. "I only need finance and accounting". 
  2. "I have stock, multiple entities, jobs or assembly". 
  3. "I need a customisable setup". 

Depending on which option you choose, you'll be able to review exactly what's in each module. You can add optional extras for each, such as multi-currency, payroll or inventory. And you can see the total estimated setup time and an estimated hourly cost (Wiise is sold and set up for you through a network of trusted and capable resellers). 

Of course, many businesses are looking for a bespoke quotation to meet their business needs. Our partners happily provide that option too.

We've also built an onboarding setup tool, which will get your software configured much more quickly, including fourteen industry-specific, best practice charts of accounts to aid setup.

Know what you're getting upfront

To be able to create these packages, we reviewed hundreds of Wiise implementations. We've been able to identify the definite requirements, optional extras and nice to haves and build them into the selection process.

While this will significantly reduce the setup costs for many businesses who don't need a customised solution, it just as importantly makes buying Wiise much more transparent and straightforward for all businesses. Making the leap from accounting software to ERP just got a lot more accessible.

Find out more about our fixed set up packages here.