Innovate to accumulate: 8 ways to grow your business with Wiise

Admit it: you’re no longer running a small business.

This is no mean feat. Not only has your business beaten the odds (only 47% make it beyond the first four years1), it has grown and thrived. So why does everything seem even harder to manage now, than in the early days?

You’ve attracted new customers and (hopefully) kept them, you have more than a handful of employees, an established supplier network perhaps you’ve even expanded to multiple office or warehouse locations. The only thing that hasn’t changed is your business operating system.

Time to upgrade

Businesses that adopt new technologies and prioritise innovation are most likely to succeed.2 You already know how to grow a successful business the only thing holding you back is the technology to facilitate that growth.

Here's how Wiise ERP can help.

8 Ways to Grow Your Business with Wiise

1. Automate as much as possible 

Automating repetitive, menial and mundane tasks removes errors (because people tend to make mistakes when they’re bored), speeds up the flow of your internal processes and lets your staff focus on the more important (and more interesting) jobs to be done. Wiise ERP offers a range of clever built-in workflows to automate all those annoying but necessary tasks, speed up processes and remove bottlenecks – from triggering invoice creation directly from Outlook, to approving purchase orders. In addition, Wiise natively integrates with Microsoft’s Power Apps suite – enabling you to pick and choose from a collection of tools to enhance existing workflows. 

2. Win more customers 

You might have a stellar sales team, but imagine what they could do with the right level of support? Arm your sales teams with the ability to build better relationships and the insights to close more effectively. Wiise CRM provides all the foundations of a powerful contact management system and more – including greater pipeline visibility, easy budget and KPI setting, and personalised email campaign creation.       

3. Predict the future 

No one knows what tomorrow will bring.  With Wiise's built-in AI capabilities, you can get a pretty good idea. Built on Microsoft Business Central and powered by Azure AI, Wiise uses advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning to make informed predictions that will help you to avoid any unpleasant surprises — like letting you know which customers are likely to pay late to which stock will need re-ordering.    

4. Make better decisions 

Your time is best spent making decisions, not  chasing the information you need in order to make them. Wiise ERP offers reporting tools that enable you to drill down into the data and see your business like never before. Wiise customers are able to access invoice-level reporting to see crucial information such as overdue payments and stock that isn’t selling at a glance.

5. Future-proof your tech stack 

When it comes to choosing business technologies, a best-of-breed approach enables you to pick and choose the tools that meet your specific needs, instead of  being restricted to the tools that are compatible with your existing platform. Wiise is a modern, flexible platform, designed to integrate with whichever tools your business needs – now and in future. With native integrations and plug-ins available for all of your favourite products (including all leading Microsoft apps via Microsoft AppSource), Wiise offers unlimited opportunity to expand and enhance your tech stack.

6. Keep honing your processes 

One of Amazon’s key growth strategies has always been ‘continual optimisation’. As Jeff Bezos puts it:   “We don’t wait for external pressures. We are internally driven to improve our services... before we have to”.3 Cutting waste and finding smarter ways to speed up processes can have a transformative effect on your business and its bottom line. Wiise ERP is designed specifically to make your business more efficient, with the ability to speed up out-dated payroll and accounting processes, reduce IT costs, become paperless and much more. (Check out our recent post on how Wiise helps to eliminate waste from your business). 

7. Get the next size up (in technology) 

One of the reasons that growing businesses struggle with small business accounting tools is, well, they’re just too small. Many of the best-known small business technologies, such as MYOB and Xero, are excellent accounting tools that offer everything a small business needs to get up and running. But when the growing pains start to kick in (your system stalls when processing orders, your data isn’t accurate because you’re relying on manual inputs and you can’t get rid of your paper-based processes) it’s time to upsize. As a cloud-based ERP built for medium to large businesses, Wiise can handle all of your business needs   – significantly more transactions, greater complexity, detailed information tracking and high-speed performance to match. 

8. Innovate

One of the biggest benefits of a modern ERP is its ability to free-up time for you and your teams to think about ways to move the business forward. The combination of better reporting insights, the ability to integrate with best-of-breed tools and more time to work on your business strategy can be transformative, to say the least. Wiise customer, FVS, recently integrated its existing job management system, FireMate, to Wiise ERP. By connecting FireMate data to Wiise reporting, the organisation will be able to see the number of hours a field technician has worked against the hours they’ve been paid enabling FVS to measure and manage utilisation far more efficiently.


Time to take your business to the next level?

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1Inside Small Business (2022), Almost half of new businesses failing within their first four years.

2CPA Australia (2023), Asia-Pacific small business survey.

3CPA Australia (2016), The best business advice from Jeff Bezos.

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