Wiise Advisor Referral Program

How does the Wiise Advisor Referral Program work?

The Wiise Advisor referral program hinges on successful referrals. To qualify, a referred customer must undergo a discovery phase assessment. This assessment evaluates if the customer has a business challenge that Wiise can address, an annual contract value of at least $7,500 per annum, and a project budget that covers associated fees and implementation costs.

It's important to note that Wiise makes the final determination of a successful referral during this assessment phase.


How do I sign up and make a referral?

  • Sign up to our Wiise Advisor Referral Program here.
  • Submit a referral here.

Wiise Advisor Referral Program Terms & Conditions

By participating in the Wiise Advisor Referral Program, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the program.

  1. Wiise Advisor Referral Program is not valid in conjunction with any other offer.
  2. The Wiise Advisor Referral program does not offer or provide any referral incentives, monetary rewards, or compensation of any kind for your referrals. Your participation in this program is based solely on your desire to support our products, and services and share their benefits with others in your professional network.
  3. To refer a customer, you must be registered with Wiise at the time of making the referral. You can register here.
  4. A referral must be made via the registration form here. An attempt to make a referral in any other way will not be valid.
  5. It is your responsibility to check with Wiise whether the referral has previously been a Wiise customer before submitting the referral.
  6. Eligibility of referees and referred customers are subject to KPMG independence checks and any other checks that Wiise may undertake in its sole discretion, and depending upon the outcome of these checks, you may not be eligible to participate in the Wiise Advisor Referral Program.
  7. You are not eligible to participate in the Wiise Advisor Referral Program if you have an existing agreement with Wiise under which you are already paid to generate customer leads (for example, if you are participating in the Wiise Partner Program or are remunerated for implementing Wiise via any other agreement).
  8. Referrals are not valid where the referee and the referred customer are one and the same person.
  9. If more than one referee refers the same customer, then the first valid referral received by Wiise will be valid.
  10. Referrals will be valid for six months from the date a referral is received by Wiise. If the referred customer has not in this time subscribed to Wiise then the initial referral will be considered void.
  11. This Wiise Advisor Referral Program may be terminated or changed at Wiise’s discretion at any time and without notice.
  12. Respecting your privacy as well as the privacy of referred customers is a priority for us. By submitting a referral you are accepting these terms and conditions and you represent that you have the authority to disclose the personal details of the referred customer. Without this authority, you acknowledge that you are ineligible to participate in the Wiise Referral Program. Please see our Privacy Policy for further details.
  13. To the maximum extent permitted by law, our maximum aggregate liability in connection with these terms and conditions (whether in contract or tort (including without limitation negligence), in equity, under statute or on any other basis) for all claims arising under these terms and conditions is limited to the greater of 100% of the amounts paid by Wiise to you under the Wiise Advisor Referral Program in the 6 months prior to the claim arising, or $1,000.
  14. If a dispute arises, the party raising the dispute will notify the other party in writing (the Dispute Notice) and the parties will engage in confidential senior level negotiations with a view to resolving the dispute. If the dispute has not been resolved within 14 days of the date of the Dispute Notice, the parties will refer the dispute to mediation in accordance with the Resolution Institute Mediation Rules. If a dispute has not been resolved within 28 days after the Dispute Notice is given, the dispute must be referred to arbitration conducted in English, with the seat of arbitration to be Sydney, Australia, with one arbitrator and in accordance with the ACICA Arbitration Rules. No court proceedings may be commenced in relation to a dispute other than in accordance with section 34A of the Commercial Arbitration Act 2010 (NSW) or to seek urgent interim relief.
  15. These term and conditions are governed by, and are to be construed in accordance with, the laws of New South Wales and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales and any court hearing appeals from those courts.