Why RedEarth switched to Wiise amid soaring demand for clean energy

As a business grows, so does its appetite for smarter tech. But switching to a better solution isn’t necessarily an expensive alternative – on the contrary, investing in the right tools and software allows businesses to save time and money. And in the hands of the right team, the implementation doesn’t have to be complicated or involve extended downtime, as the team at RedEarth discovered recently.

RedEarth: bringing clean energy to Aussie households

Clean energy is becoming more mainstream by the day. According to the latest Clean Energy Australia report, a record 27.7% of Australia’s total electricity generation came from renewable sources in 2021. To understand this uptick is to understand just how accessible energy storage solutions have become and the companies making that happen.

Australian owned and operated RedEarth Energy Storage is one such company. Based in Brisbane, RedEarth Energy Storage offers customisable energy storage solutions for households, small and medium businesses, and large-scale commercial operations. Their on-grid, off-grid and hybrid storage solutions are engineered, tested, and assembled entirely locally.

With demand for solar and other forms of renewable energy growing fast, RedEarth has added headcount and finds itself in the midst of a high-growth period.

Endless hours spent on admin and paperwork

Managing their business on separate systems that struggle to integrate with other productivity tools had become a significant obstacle to growth. Time staff could be spending on customers and products was spent on manual tasks like re-keying information into spreadsheets instead.

In addition to being time consuming and prone to human error, using spreadsheets to track information was becoming unsustainable as the business started growing.

Moving from Research and Development to product development and customer solutions at scale revealed the limitations of their existing business solution. These limitations caused three key challenges that RedEarth needed to overcome before the focus could shift to growth.

  • No accurate visibility over inventory
  • Unable to manage purchase orders
  • Manual processes prone to human error

With their existing solution struggling to keep up, RedEarth needed a way to bring together key processes in a system that would easily integrate with their existing Microsoft 365 productivity tools.

Streamlining processes and working smarter with Wiise

A strong culture of continuous improvement led RedEarth Energy Storage to Wiise. Being an all-in-one cloud-based solution, Wiise met the key requirements of the business.

Not only does Wiise help RedEarth oversee its entire supply chain in one place, but also inventory, assembly and customers. Managing their inventory, finances, and purchase orders in one hub has made way for better processes and reporting across the business.

It has also allowed RedEarth to streamline their key processes—the most important outcome for the business according to Head of Finance, Sophie Kemp.

Thanks to its seamless integration with Microsoft 365 tools like SharePoint, Outlook and Power Apps for automation and reporting, staff at RedEarth are now working smarter, not harder.

Without need for spreadsheets to be updated manually or data stranded in different systems, teams can actively contribute to the growth of the business by focusing on customer solutions rather than admin.

Since implementing Wiise, the RedEarth Energy Storage team is able to:

  • Oversee the entire supply chain
  • Manage inventory, orders, and finances in one system
  • Streamline processes and improve workflows
  • Make reporting easier
  • Minimise errors by reducing manual tasks

Teaming up with Dynamic Aspect to implement Wiise

When it came to implementing Wiise, RedEarth knew they needed an ERP implementation partner with deep expertise in financials, inventory, CRM and other Microsoft applications. They chose Dynamic Aspect—an industry-leading business applications consultancy with decades of experience. An outcomes-oriented partner, Dynamic Aspect specialise in delivering solutions across Microsoft's business applications stack.

Dynamic Aspect worked seamlessly with RedEarth to deploy Wiise and according to the team, have added to the ‘RedEarth story of professionalism, reliability, and leading-edge technology solutions.’

In Wiise, RedEarth Energy Storage have found a fully integrated business solution that can serve as a solid foundation on which the business can truly thrive.

Manage your key processes in one hub with Wiise

Whether it’s streamlining your processes or reducing time spent on manual tasks, Wiise cloud ERP can help you manage your entire business in one place.

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