Use Microsoft 365? Here’s how you can win back your workday with Wiise

How much is a day worth to you? To your finance team? To the business?

What about five days?

Bottlenecks and work/life balance

The average CFO works up to 60 hours a week1 and we’ve heard from several customers whose finance teams have had to work entire weekends to complete month-end reporting on time. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

When customers tell us how much time they’ve saved on their finance and payroll processes by implementing Wiise, they talk in daysnot hours or minutes. And, yes, one customer, FVS, recently told us they’ve saved five full days a month, on their P&L reporting alone.

The Australian ERP for Microsoft 365

Wiise ERP is designed specifically for fast-growing companies looking to consolidate and streamline their processes within one platform.

In Wiise – The Australian ERP for Microsoft 365, award-winning accounting technology journalist, Sholto Macpherson, reveals how accounting teams can automate, standardise and speed up finance processes by aligning Wiise ERP with their existing Microsoft 365 tech stacks. 

Here are just some of the key highlights from the guide:

1. Work from Excel 

Everyone loves Excel. Sixty-six percent of professionals check Excel at least once an hour during a workday (and 1 in 25 use it for 80% of their workday).2

Thanks to its system-level integration with Microsoft 365, Wiise can use Excel as a front-end interface to sync information directly with tables in Wiise. No need to ask your accounting and payroll teams to use an unfamiliar reporting tool – instead, users can select tables from different areas in Wiise, such as inventory levels and ledger entries, and sync to separate tabs in Excel.

2. Shortcuts in Outlook and Teams 

Syncing contacts with Microsoft Outlook isn’t new. But Wiise’s deep integration takes shortcuts to the next level, with endless cool crossovers that add up to significant time savings. Want to share Wiise reports and data within a Teams chat? Easy. Trigger workflows from within Outlook? Done.

Download the full guide to see what else is possible with Wiise. 

3. Rapid reporting 

Obtaining correct data, quickly enough to be able to analyse and act on it is one of the top challenges for finance teams.  Wiise offers invoice-level granularity on reporting, enabling finance teams to drill down and inspect transactions or interrogate data quickly and easily. With the ability to schedule recurring reports and distribute to specific contacts, via email, Wiise can help finance to spend less time creating reports and more time analysing them.

Faster finance management? That’s just the beginning.

Get ready to reclaim your day. Find out all the ways in which Wiise can make your finance team more efficient.



  • What Wiise can do for your business
  • How Wiise integrates seamlessly with your existing Microsoft investments
  • Examples of how Wiise combined with leading Microsoft products can offer significant user and business advantages

Download Wiise – The Australian ERP for Microsoft 365 or find out more about Wiise accounting and financial management features.

1CPA Australia (2023), Asia-Pacific small business survey.

2Global Excel Summit (2022), How people use Excel in the real world.

3CPA Australia (2016), The best business advice from Jeff Bezos.

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