Wiise product update: February 2023

Our first product update for the year brings a host of improvements that make the features you love, even easier to use. Here's what's new to Wiise this month.

More control over your financials 

  • Updates to bank reconciliations: With more safeguards in place that prevent reconciliations from being set up incorrectly, your finance teams will now be able to run bank reconciliations faster and with greater accuracy.

  • Reverse payment reconciliation journal entries: With this update, you can reverse payment reconciliation journal entries, making it easier for you to identify and correct entries posted using specific journals.
  • Post item charges for each step of the process: With the ability to post item charges for each step of the process, you have even more flexibility on how and when you register costs in your sales or purchasing processes.

Improvements to reporting 

  • Multiple Excel layouts: This update sees multiple Excel layouts that allow you to present the same data set in different layouts. Whether it's data for a planning meeting, a board meeting, or for mail merge, choose the right layout from the list of options from the dropdown menu on the Request page.

Even better emailing functionality

  • Customise email templates: Tailor email templates for specific scenarios by adding default attachments such as Terms and Conditions for sales emails or other customised attachments.
  • Set rate limits: You can also set rate limits that match those of your email provider to ensure that large email batches get sent in queues, not blocked. 

Manage permissions more easily

  • You can now group permission sets hierarchically to create, customise, update, and maintain permission sets that control user access to capabilities in Business Central with a lot more ease.

A more intuitive user experience

  • This month's update also sees improvements that let you customise the menu bar, change companies more easily, and see more data in lists. Plus, with Expanded Search, you can look for things across your entire company data straight from the home page. 

Check out our release notes for more

Our February product update also includes important updates to Wiise Payroll and changes to features you use all the time. Check out our release notes to find out what else is new to Wiise in February.

We'd love to hear from you

We're looking forward to bringing you even more updates in our future releases. If you have suggestions for feature enhancements, or any feedback for us, don't hesitate to let us know.