Best practices in digital transformation: part 2


Recent disruptions, such as the Russia-Ukraine war, logistical constraints, and component shortages have placed a spotlight on businesses’ supply chains and their resilience. These challenges have enforced companies to re-evaluate their existing strategies to build future-ready supply chains. Join the leading experts from KPMG Australia and Wiise to discover the best practices in digital transformation for your Australian manufacturing business in 2023 and beyond.

Part 2: How can manufacturing businesses improve customer acquisitions and enhance business performance?

Key topics

  • Evolving expectations faced by manufacturers
  • Key megatrends impacting local market
  • How manufacturers can stay relevant in today's economic climate
  • How manufacturers can get started in their digital transformation journey

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Toni from KPMG

Toni Jones
National Lead for Manufacturing, KPMG Australia

Best practices in digital transformation: part 2


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