How Peter Stoitse Transport saved 38+ hours in month-end reporting

59 mins June 2023

How do you stop complexity from getting in the way of your business?

Peter Stoitse Transport found themselves in an incredibly complex situation. They had:

  • Three hundred and fifty contractors
  • A variety of vehicles, e.g. cars, trucks, road trains, tankers,
  • Contractors with varying license types, e.g. cars, trucks, road trains, and
  • Different types of cargo to transport e.g. fish, blood, glycol, etc.

With so many variables, the time it took the team to manage processes like payroll or reporting was severely slowing the business down and preventing them from planning ahead for the future of their business. 

In an hour-long deep-dive, Jessica Sciverras, Chief Financial Officer at Peter Stoitse Transport shares the transformation Wiise has had for their business and how finding the right ERP technology has saved her team 38+ hours in reporting each month.


Sholto Macpherson

Accounting Tech Journalist,

Jessica Sciberras

Chief Financial Officer, Peter Stoitse Transport

Chris Mackenzie

Head of Presales, Wiise
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