Growth amid turbulence: How Australian manufacturers can sustain growth in 2024

7 mins June 2023

Are your profit margins shrinking? Do you have trouble getting enough stock? Are you struggling to find staff? Watch the webinar and gain insights and strategies for navigating the evolving manufacturing and supply chain environment.

Australian manufacturers, and distributors have been operating in a state of crisis for the past few years - and challenge still lies ahead. Trade tensions, political instability, material shortages and catastrophic weather events are all still headwinds on the horizon.

Join Toni Jones, Partner In Charge, Manufacturing & Lifesciences Sector Leader at KPMG Australia, in our upcoming webinar: Growth amid turbulence.

We’ll explore:

1. How the macroeconomic environment is impacting Australian manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers.
2. How to protect your profit margins amongst increasing interest rates, supply chain disruptions and labour costs.
3. How to take advantage of environmental, social and governance market opportunities.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and practical strategies for navigating the evolving manufacturing and supply chain environment in Australia, and setting your business up for growth amid turbulence. 


Toni Jones

Partner, KPMG Australia

Chris Mackenzie

Head of Presales, Wiise
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