Aged Accounts Payable

Aged Accounts Payable is a report that helps businesses track and prioritise unpaid bills by categorising them based on the time elapsed since the invoices were issued.

Aged Accounts Payable is like a friendly reminder for businesses to keep track of their unpaid bills.

Imagine you buy goods or services from different suppliers, and they send you invoices. The Aged Accounts Payable is a report that organizes these bills based on how long they've been waiting to get paid. It breaks them down into categories, like bills due soon, overdue ones, and how many days each has been hanging around.

The report typically divides the accounts payable into different time periods, often in 30-day increments, showing how long each invoice has been outstanding. This helps businesses track and manage their payment obligations more effectively.

This report is handy because it helps businesses see which bills need attention first, preventing late payments and keeping good relationships with suppliers. 

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