Full Pricing


 All prices are in NZD and exclude GST. 

Licence Type
Monthly subscription
Per user per month
Annual subscription
Per user per month
Full User (Premium)
$240.00 $230.00
Full User (Business)
$170.00 $153.00
Team Member
$30.00 $27.50
 $87.50 $82.50 


NFP Licences

NFP licenses are available for approved non-profit organisations. Get in touch to find out more.

Licence Type
Monthly subscription
Per user per month
Annual subscription
Per user per month
NFP Full User (Premium)
$108.00 $98.00
NFP Full User (Business)
$83.00 $76.00
NFP Team Member
$9.00 $8.00


Education Licences

Education licences are available for approved Education Businesses. Get in touch to find out more.

Licence Type
Monthly subscription
Per user per month
Annual subscription
Per user per month
Education Full User (Premium)
$120.00 $110.00
Education Full User (Business)
$90.00 $82.00
Education Team Member
$11.00 $10.00


Licence types

Full licence
Access to all features and functionality in the selected Wiise edition.
Team member

These licences are best for people who need to run reports or do light tasks in Wiise. Team member licences include the ability to:

  • Read any information in Wiise
  • Run and read reports
  • Update data that's already been entered like customers, vendors or items
  • Approve or reject tasks in their workflows
  • Create, edit or delete a quote
  • Create, edit or delete personal information
  • Enter timesheets
  • Use Microsoft Power Apps for Dynamics 365 (this is included in their Wiise licence)*
*A team member licence's application module may not be customized with more than 15 custom objects available to the Team Member license. Customization is allowable if it does not result in a change to core purpose of the specified scenario. The limitation of 15 objects is on a per user/employee basis and a firm limitation to that specific user/employee.


These licences are used for devices used by multiple people. For example, device licences can be used for a point of sale (POS) device, shop floor or warehouse device. Device licences don't include the full capabilities of a full user.

Point of sale:
One device located in the commerce location, used by any individual, for completing customer facing sales of goods or services transactions

Store manager:
One device located in the commerce location, used by any individual, dedicated to performing the following tasks solely for that location:

  • Managing and replenishing inventory
  • Balancing cash registers and processing daily receipts
  • Configuring and maintaining menu options displayed by the ISV Devices
  • Purchasing supplies and services required to run that location's operations
  • Managing staff at that location
  • Processing reports required to analyze and manage results for that location
  • Managing master data related to operations for that location

Shop floor:
One device used for manufacturing shop-floor functions:

  • Clock-in and clock-out
  • Starting and finishing production jobs (including project activities carried out on the shop floor)
  • Reporting progress
  • Materials consumption and completion
  • Viewing documents and instructions related to production jobs
  • Viewing worker holiday balances

Warehouse device:
One device used for warehousing functions:

  • Receiving
  • Putting-away
  • Doing internal stock transfers
  • Picking, packing
  • Capturing product attributes
  • Shipping goods plus performing inventory count checks in the context of a warehouse management system
  • Posting output and materials consumption against production orders when captured as transfers of raw materials and finished goods between a warehouse and a production line (all other types of transactions are excluded)




All prices are in NZD and exclude GST. 

Payroll standard Payroll Premium
$4.50 per active employee per month $6.50 per active employee per month

Get everything you need to pay your employees accurately and effortlessly in one integrated solution including:

  • Deductions
  • Expenses
  • Timesheet reporting
  • Salary sacrifice handling
  • Reporting
  • User dashboard
  • Employee self-service
  • Approvals and workflows
  • Automated pay, leave and termination (ETP) calculations
  • Automated super payments
  • Cost centre allocation and breakdown
  • Access to prior years information

Get everything in Payroll Essentials plus:

  • Time and attendance
  • Rostering
  • Mobile app
  • Awards library and interpretation
  • Mobile app for timesheets, rostering and expense claims


* Payroll SMS notifications are $0.20 per user per month. 


Database capacity

Wiise customers can use up to 80 GB of database storage capacity across all environments (production and sandbox). Some businesses have unique scenarios that may require additional storage. For organisations that need more space, there's an option to purchase extra database capacity. All prices are in NZD and are exclusive of GST.

 Additional data
Monthly subscription
Annual subscription
Additional Database Capacity (1GB)
$19.32 $16.10
Additional Database Capacity (100GB)
$961.68 $801.40
Additional Database Overage (1GB)

(Overage rates are only available for customers who purchased at least one Additional Database Capacity (100GB) add-on).

$9.67 $8.06