Your ERP Implementation Proposal Checklist

Selecting an implementation partner for your new ERP system can take time. But we've done some of the work for you.

This free ERP implementation proposal checklist covers key requirements to look for in an IT service provider for ERP. 

Take the stress out of selecting an ERP implementation partner

This simple ERP implementation proposal checklist includes 41 key requirements enabling you to rate each partner, side-by-side, as a simple yes, no or maybe.

  • Make a fair comparison: See exactly what each vendor can offer across set criteria, such as costs, services and functionality.
  • Cross-reference: With the ability to see at-a-glance how each partner compares, to make the right decision.
  • Document the process: Keep a copy of the checklist to refer back to, later on in the project, if any questions should occur about your choice of partner or what was offered in the proposal. 
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