Wiise is now in New Zealand

If you haven’t heard, there has been a lot happening at Wiise HQ. 

For the first time ever, growing businesses in New Zealand can now choose Wiise! 

Opportunities for New Zealand customers

Founded with Australian businesses in mind, Wiise was built on the comprehensive, stable and secure Microsoft Business Central platform and enhanced with extensive functionality and localisations for the Australian market.  

Until recently, Wiise has only been available within Australia – but with continued investment from KPMG, we’ve now expanded our offering, tailoring our platform to New Zealand-based businesses as well.

An ERP designed for New Zealand businesses

So, what does it mean to be designed for New Zealand businesses? Well, for starters, our leading-edge ERP system will now be available with out-of-the-box localised features specifically for the New Zealand market.

These include:

  • NZ Bank feeds for faster financial reconciliation 
  • NZ-specific payroll, complying with the Holidays Act, KiwiSaver, PAYE and ACC deductions  
  • NZ tailored business documents and report selection
  • NZ-specific financials and account setup
  • Default GST setup for accounts and items
  • Other localisations like NZ postcodes and locations 

Our Australian customers love that Wiise comes pre-configured with all the localisations they need to hit the ground running – and now New Zealand customers will too!

Strengthening New Zealand’s supply chain

The past few years have hit the global supply chain hard – but the ANZ region has been one of the most vulnerable, with the disruptions costing New Zealand businesses an estimated $1.5bn a year in sales.  

In its latest freight and supply chain issues paper,  New Zealand’s Ministry of Transport outlined several strategies for future-proofing against disruptions – one of which was using AI and automation technologies to improve efficiencies, create higher-quality jobs and make better use of space in warehouses.  

Wiise ERP will help growing New Zealand businesses build resilience into their supply chain management through: 

1. Digitising the warehouse

Many of the biggest challenges distribution businesses face, begin in the warehouse. Manual data entry and paper processes leads to slow pick times, inventory errors and frustrated customers. According to McKinsey, businesses with accurate warehouse data are 1.5 times more likely to report no supply chain impact

Out of the box, a Wiise includes our proprietary Wiise Warehouse OnTime mobile app, that can be downloaded onto any mobile device or hardware scanner, giving your warehouse teams the ability to track and process inventory accurately, in real-time.  

With OnTime, you can organise your warehouse to match your business needs – using bin size, volume, weight or placement – and set up different requirements across different warehouses. You’ll have fewer errors, staff will be able to handle more stock in less time, and you’ll be able to handle more stock, without having to buy more warehouse floor space. 


2. Increasing margins

Transport, packaging, ingredients, and labour costs are all on the rise – but suppliers are still under huge pressure to keep costs for consumers as low as possible. Every cent counts. 

Wiise can help you to see exactly what your true costs are. With landed costs, you can accurately calculate the true cost of local and imported goods – including shipping duty, port duty and clearance charges – so you can see the exact margins on each product. 

With connections to Microsoft’s Azure AI and always-current New Zealand retail pricing, transport costs, duties, and taxes, Wiise provides accurate costing advice to help your business calculate how much to charge on top. You’ll see exactly how much things cost, and never lose money on underpriced products again.


3. Enhancing efficiency

Even well-run businesses can average up to 20% of excess stock in their warehouses and order picking can account for more than 50% of a facility’s operational costs.  When it comes to inventory management, marginal gains and efficiencies can add up to significant cost savings. 

With Wiise, you can see what’s in your warehouse in real-time, and better understand how much stock you should have for each product. You can cut orders of stock that aren’t selling, order more of what is, and be certain you can fulfil last-minute orders – all while causing fewer interruptions to the warehouse, reducing spoiled stock and overheads, and increasing profitability. 

Built-in automated workflows enable you to set rules for maximum and minimum stock re-ordering – ensuring you have the right amount of stock at the right time – while production outputs enable you to accurately measure output, wastage and scraps from your production lines.


3. End-to-end tracking and reporting

Your ability to forecast, manage your cashflow, and profitability relies on access to accurate information throughout your business. Wiise ERP brings together your accounting, operations, inventory, manufacturing, business reporting, CRM and more into one system – enabling you to see every aspect of your business and every step in your supply chain, in real time. 

Wiise inventory management also provides full traceability of your stock, from origin to production to sale with serial and batch number tracking – and landed cost receipts enable you to bulk update receipt dates, so you’ll always know when goods are arriving in your warehouse.  

With Wiise manufacturing you can see production forecasts, so you’ll always know which raw materials to order in advance, and with the Wiise production routing feature, you can also plan all the steps required to produce your product or component, manage capacities, availability, and schedule production activities based on a shop calendar, helping you to reduce waste, improve your speed of production and ensure a consistently high quality product. 

Continued R&D

Wiise offers New Zealand businesses an exciting opportunity to streamline workflows, manage complex operations and make smart and faster decisions, with a single, cloud-based platform.  

What’s more, as well as expanding into New Zealand, we're also accelerating our existing product development roadmap – enabling us to deliver more exciting new features, enhancements and updates, (like the latest item tracking update for the Wiise Warehouse OnTime mobile app). 

Our goal is to continue to invest in making Wiise the best ERP on the market for small and medium-sized businesses. In the words of Sarah Vega, National managing Partner of KPMG Futures, “This latest funding commitment brings Wiise a major step closer to becoming not just an Australian success story but a significant player in the ERP market”. 

Wiise is ready and available for New Zealand customers today. So, if you’d like to see how Wiise can help move your business forward, speak to our team or book a demo

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