Our product roadmap 2020

Now that we've (mostly) adjusted to the new rhythms of work that 2020 has thrust upon us, the Wiise team is in a position to share more detail of what's coming down the pipeline and our roadmap for the next six months. We have a couple of key focuses on our roadmap. The first is enabling you to trade online quickly and simply so you can adapt or expand your operations. And the second is to enable you to get paid faster to keep your cash flow healthy.  

First, let me plug some of the functionality we've released in just the last couple of months.  

Some great runs on the board for 2020 

B-Pay is Australia's most widely used bill payment service, and it lets the bill payer transfer funds electronically from their bank accounts to the payee. This feature integrates with the BPAY gateway; it has strong validation to ensure biller details are correct. And it generates a BPAY payment file that can be uploaded to 5 major online banking sites. You can read more about BPAY functionality here.  

With Direct Debit, you can use Wiise to process funds withdrawn directly from your customers' bank accounts (with their approval, of course). Direct debit will help you significantly with cash flow and reduce your admin overhead.  

Square POS, Payments and eCommerce—the world's fastest-growing POS solution can now be integrated directly to Wiise. At no cost! What you might also not know is that Square has comprehensive payment and online selling products as well. Learn more about our integration here.  

Here's what's next for Wiise

Ok… so what's ahead? Our focus in 2020 has been on helping our customers become more resilient. We think we can help you in two main ways. First is by enabling you to open new sales opportunities online (a fast-growing channel during COVID) and to help reduce your admin overhead. Our mantra has always been to have better features built in. So here’s what's coming over the next few months.  

Coming in October 2020

Shopify Integration 

We are integrating the world's largest eCommerce solution directly with Wiise. This connector will be built into the Wiise product and released in the coming few weeks. We're very excited to be able to offer this.  

Coming in December 2020

Expense Management  

We're working with an excellent cloud Expense Management provider to offer a full-featured expense management solution that scales from small businesses to enterprise clients. We are very happy with the feature set we'll be able to offer you. Stay tuned for this release later this year.


Hopefully, you can see that we haven't been sitting still during these crazy times. Well, actually, I have been sitting more than I should. Maybe I should get a standing desk…  

That's it for now. But this will be a semi-regular post as we build more value into our product over the coming months and years. As always, please let us know if you have any comments, feedback, or suggestions at hello@wiise.com — we'd love to hear from you. Stay safe all!