Wiise product update: March 2020

Check out our product updates and this March release at Wiise Learning.

​Find and save reports more easily  

Struggling to find the right report? Sick of having to search for the report every time you want to run it? In this release, we've built a couple of things to make all this easier:

  • A single location for all Business Central reports, accessible from the Actions panel on your homepage in the relevant roles.
  • The ability to favourite reports you run regularly, and put them in useful categories (e.g. Monthly Reports).

​Want to hear more about the new reporting functionality in Wiise? Check out this short blog from Mark Andraos, one of the Wiise team members who helped build this new feature. 

Added timesheet-payroll integration

We've made Wiise timesheet integration with payroll more flexible and fixed a few issues:

  • The 'timesheets by exception' setting in payroll is now integrated. For example, if you have staff who work standard hours but want to show and approve overtime separately, you can now submit timesheets in Wiise and only overtime hours will flow through to payroll.
  • We've now integrated work types so your users can only select relevant work types when submitting their timesheets.
  • Managers will now be able to see hours submitted for weekends.

Upgrade to the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central v15.4 

​​This update addresses current support requests, including:

  • The bank account ledger entry not changing to green on the bank account reconciliation page when you're matching manually.
  • Not being able to scroll on the EFT registers list.

Stay tuned! We look forward to bringing you more reporting enhancements in our next release!