The danger signs that your business system needs an overhaul

We’ve heard it before: “I think I need to change my business system”. But what are the warning signs that your systems aren’t keeping up with your needs? Let’s take a look at what prompted our customers and prospects to consider a change.

Disparate systems are causing stress

  • You have more than one application managing financials, inventory and customer service
  • Your disparate systems don’t work well together and don’t speak to one another
  • Data needs to be copied and/or duplicated across systems
  • You need to access multiple systems to see customer orders, sales history, payments, support cases and issues. Data isn’t up to date.

There are too many manual transactions and processes

  • You’re entering transactions are manually, sometimes more than once
  • Matching bank records with financial records is manual
  • Your intercompany transactions are manual and time-consuming
  • Your e-commerce system is separate, with delayed manual transfer of data
  • Invoicing is difficult; mistakes are made.

It’s hard and time-consuming to report results

  • Waiting for lengthy end-of-month processes to finish holds up your ability to make important decisions
  • Your employees have to stop productive work to focus on reporting
  • Some people spend all their time preparing reports
  • You need spreadsheets to produce results
  • Those spreadsheets contain corporate information not stored in your business systems.

You can't easily see what’s happening right now

  • You can’t see inventory in other warehouses so you can't satisfy customer needs
  • It’s hard to find out what sales are happening now or at the end of the day
  • Managers are reliant on others to get information rather than having easy access to what they need.

Conversations with customers are difficult

  • You’re not sure that inventory is accurate when you’re talking to customers
  • When you’re contacting customers, it’s hard to see their information in one place for sales history, payments, support cases and issues
  • You have to contact customers multiple times because it’s too hard to access customer data while you're on a call.

Business systems aren’t flexible or safe

  • It’s hard to add new functions because not all applications are there, or they’re not accessible
  • You can’t access business systems off-premises
  • Data is stored in on-premise systems that have to be maintained. IT staffing is expensive
  • Data security is a constant worry – you don’t know if information is secure
  • Some data is stored overseas or in uncontrollable places
  • You can’t easily add or reduce users as the business changes. Having the maximum users to cover every situation is expensive.

If you’re finding some of these danger signs are present in your business, maybe it’s time to consider talking with Wiise to find out how we can help. Get in touch today.