How to keep your business operating securely in the new normal

As we get used to the new normal, many businesses are taking a good look at their operations. You've been asking about the best way to keep running, serve your customers and keep your information secure during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Here are the things you can do right now:


  • Most businesses are hurting badly at the moment, and some are holding up. You know your business best — so it's time to follow your instincts first and foremost about what you need to do.   
  • A lot of businesses already have their staff working from home. Whether you're Wiise customer or not, make sure the workers that need it have access to your business systems from wherever they are. Every transaction counts right now.  
  • Consider activities that you can immediately perform if you're experiencing a slow-down. My personal favourite is to enable multifactor authentication for all employees. No single decision will protect you more from hacking and data theft. I'll have a new blog post shortly, dedicated just to this.
  • Given the uncertainty ahead, we suggest you plan for as many contingencies as you can. We can help with that. If you need advice from us, feel free to reach out.   

We'll be releasing a host of more information in the coming weeks, along with webcasts and updates to our product.

In the meantime, we hope that you and your loved ones stay safe. Look after one another and know that Wiise has your back. We're all in this together.