Cloud ERP the key to unleashing manufacturing productivity

The Australian manufacturing market contributes nearly $100 billion to the country’s annual GDP and is set to play a key role in the post-pandemic recovery of the economy. To do so, manufacturers must prioritise the adoption of new technologies that will enable improved productivity. This is why events like the Modern Manufacturing Expo, set to take place at Sydney Showground from 20-21 September, are putting their weight behind providing manufacturers with the tools and information they need to set themselves up for the future.

As a Silver Sponsor of the Expo, the Wiise team is not only set to showcase its cloud manufacturing solution, but also illustrate the value of a fully integrated supply chain across the business with an ERP system.

“To be more agile in the face of change, businesses today need an end-to-end cloud-based solution that goes beyond the operational mechanics of orders, invoicing, finances, and inventory management. A solution that seamlessly integrates with other business tools can automate and streamline processes, and, crucially, provide AI-driven predictions based on real-time business data,” says Wiise CEO, Charlie Wood.

A new report from the Productivity Commission shows Australia’s productivity growth is slowing. The nation’s productivity has fallen sharply in the past 15 years due to a lack of uptake in innovation and the use of technology to modernise their existing operations. Australia’s productivity level is now about 22% lower than that of the US.

One way for manufacturers to achieve business transformation at scale is to recognise that the supply chain in most businesses is disconnected from the rest of the organisation, and this is not sustainable in a customer-centric environment. Digitising the supply chain presents a significant opportunity to deliver value to customers in real-time – using business-wide insights and data to enhance demand forecast and fulfilment strategies.

A scalable solution delivering greater return on technology investment

Wiise is a cloud ERP solution developed for Australian businesses and backed by KPMG Australia that helps manufacturers connect data from finance and operations systems (as well as other productivity tools) to see the big picture as well as the granular detail. Real-time, accurate business data enables organisations to be more analytical and strategic with decision-making. By allowing manufacturing businesses to optimise their supply chains and be more resilient to unforeseen changes and disruptions, Wiise can help manufacturers deliver a more consistent customer experience across the board.

Wiise is designed to automate time-consuming, manual processes, enabling business leaders to optimise their limited human resources by deploying their skills in the completion of high-value tasks, instead. “Wiise is not just a manufacturing solution but an end-to-end business solution that allows manufacturers to reduce their reliance on manual processes with automated production workflows, real-time inventory tracking, and more,” Charlie concludes.

With Wiise, Australian manufacturers can transform their supply chain with proven ways of working, integrated across the organisation and designed to deliver faster value creation to customers and the business.

A cost-effective, localised cloud ERP solution

Our top priority at the Modern Manufacturing Expo is empowering Australian manufacturing businesses to seize opportunities of the future by giving them the right tools and technology to do so. Our team will demonstrate to visitors how our cost-effective, localised cloud manufacturing solution can be integrated into their business, and share customer evidence spanning sectors such as food-processing, aerospace and chemical manufacturing.

Ron Gounder, Head of Customer and Partner Lifecycle at Wiise, will be speaking on the topic of ‘Scaling your manufacturing operations with cloud ERP’ from 3.35 – 4.05 pm on 20 September 2022.  You can find out team in booth M30! Make sure to swing by as we're running a prize giveaway exclusive to attendees who will have the opportunity to win a LEGO Robot Inventor worth more than AUD 500!

The Modern Manufacturing Expo will take place from 20 - 21 September 2022 at the Sydney Showground and feature over 50 exhibitors. Expo guests will have free access to the Expert Arena, where industry leaders will deliver talks on the key topics including the digitisation and modernisation of the Australian manufacturing sector.

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