See and predict the movement of inventory in your business so you can make better decisions to run your business. Get a new perspective on the fine detail and the big picture you need to deliver the best service to your customers. 

Control your inventory, don’t let it control you

Control your inventory, don’t let it control you

Knowing what’s available and where can make the difference for your wholesale or distribution business. Be able to control what’s coming in and out with predictive intelligence that lets you know when you need to order more of a particular item or group of items. Don’t get stuck with inventory that doesn’t sell, with Wiise you can understand what’s selling and what’s not to optimise what’s best to keep at your location and what can be drop shipped directly to your customer’s door.

Get clarity on the costing of your stock to make better decisions

Get clarity on the costing of your stock to make better decisions

Inventory can drown a wholesale or distribution business in added cost when you don’t know what’s happening. Re-imagine how you do your business with the ability to know how much your stock is costing you to order in and also hold onto. Overcome the confused from foreign exchange rates, landed cost, and changes to pricing to reorder items by moving to a wiiser solution that accounts for these cost. Get clarity on your cost, so you can take the actions needed to improve your business.

See the fine detail of your inventory to know what you’re selling

See the fine detail of your inventory to know what you’re selling

All items are not the same. Get a system that can help you distinguish easily between the products you sell and give you clarity around the fine details of the items that you carry in your business. Account for different measurements, variances and more with Wiise to get a more complete picture of your inventory.

See your distribution business clearly with Wiise

Tailor Wiise to your business with these key benefits

Clarity of what's on hand

Get clarity on what's available in your inventory across different locations. Know if stock is reserved for another sale or is ready to be sold.

Give variants and substitutes

Keep your customers happy by making sure they get what they want including giving them the right item with correct attributes or giving them the choice to buy a similar or related product.

Flexible purchasing

Create a purchase invoice when you need it. Make one after making an agreement with your vendor or create one from a sales invoice or a job.

Reduce warehousing cost

Don't add warehousing cost to an item when you can send it direct to your customer with drop shipments.

Know real import cost

Know precisely how much overseas purchases are costing you with landed cost. Be able to compare actual cost to import versus buying local.

Streamlined reordering

Create rules around minimum and maximum levels for stock reordering. You can also bulk produce replenishment worksheet for all your inventory needs.

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